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My car has broken down… What do I do?!

Always be Prepared for a Breakdown Whether you have a flat tyre, dead battery, overheated engine or engine failure, it’s important to be prepared in case the inconvenient and potentially dangerous happens – the dreaded car breakdown. Here are our top tips to help get you out of a sticky situation (or prevent you from getting.

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9 Top Tips For Maintaining Your Car Battery

Your car battery is an integral part of what starts and keeps your vehicle running. It’s the heart and soul of a vehicle’s electrical system. Yet maintaining a car battery is something that often gets overlooked. Checking up on and taking care of your car battery regularly is easy to do and will prolong its.

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Off Road Adventures | The best 4×4 drives in Victoria

Take your adventure off road in Victoria, a state with many charms, one of which is a talent for remaining inconspicuous. Despite being home to some of the most diverse, stunning landscapes in Australia, the small corner state remains one of our best kept and untouched secrets. Deserts, mountains, forest and coastal views adorn Victoria..

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Extreme Sport – Take it to the Extreme!

Once upon a time extreme sport was simply a few people pioneering to do the unimaginable. Now, driven on by like-minded adventurers and made more accessible by wider media coverage these sports are available to everyone. Read on to find out about five wacky, out there and downright fun extreme sports and see which one.

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Flat Battery | Here’s What Not To Do!

Flat battery? Why does a battery suddenly die and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere? There are a number of reasons your battery might decide to call it quits. Aside from the obvious: leaving your lights on, using your air conditioner when not actually driving etc, there are many other factors that go into.

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Five of the best natural swimming holes near Sydney

From surf to sun, culture to outdoors, Sydney is the perfect location to enjoy all of the best things in life. Its beautiful coastline extends for miles, scattered with islands, national parks and scenic treasures. We’ve collected the five best natural swimming holes near Sydney for you to climb, swim and splash your day away in. Gledhill Falls.

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Recycle your car battery the easy way

Every Australian produces on average two tonnes of waste per year – and the figures are growing! We don’t have to tell you how important it is to keep our world looking beautiful so Marshall Batteries will help you to recycle your car battery for a cleaner, greener planet. What you may not know is.

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