Car Battery Warranty in Australia: What’s Covered & What’s Not

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Checking what’s included in a car battery warranty before buying is crucial; you don’t want to be stuck with expensive repair bills if something goes wrong!

But reading through long paragraphs of warranties isn’t fun either. So we’ve simplified the basics of car battery warranties in this post to make your life easier.

What Is a Car Battery Warranty?

Car battery warranties protect the battery components from

  •     Manufacturer’s flaws
  •     General use
  •     Repairs
  •     Adjustments
  •     Substitutions

Warranties are provided for pre-loved vehicles as well as new vehicles.  Different warranties may cover different car battery components, so it’s important to know exactly what each warranty covers.

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The 3 Types of Car Battery Warranties

There are three basic types of car battery warranties to choose from.

1. Free Replacement Warranty

If your existing battery malfunctions or just stops working due to manufacturers defects, you are entitled to a replacement battery for free under this warranty.

However, different companies have different conditions for how the battery gets damaged or malfunctions.

For example, external damage, such as damage to the battery terminal or plastic cover, is not covered under most free replacement warranties. On the other hand, other companies might even consider damage from overcharging or regular wear and tear as valid reasons for replacement.

2. Pro-Rata Warranty

You don’t get a free replacement battery when you’re under pro rata, but you will receive a discount for a new battery in case of malfunction or damage. This discount will be applied to the Recommended Retail Price (RRP).

The Pro Rata warranty does not cover deliberate damages in most cases, just like the Free Replacement Warranty.

3. Composite Warranty

As the name suggests, a composite warranty combines the benefits of free replacement and pro rata warranties.

Levels of coverage can change from manufacturer to manufacturer. Still, the gist is that a battery warranty can have X months/ years of free replacement followed by X months/ years of pro-rata cover.

For example, say you bought a car battery with a 5-year composite warranty period. This could mean that the first two years of its life are covered under free replacement, and the remaining three years are covered by pro rata.

What’s Covered What’s Not Covered
●      Battery fails to charge to full capacity
●      Corrosion
●      Leakage
●      Battery fails to start the vehicle
●      Bulging of the battery case
●      Incorrect Charge Rates
●      High Loads
●      Faulty terminals
●      Sulphation
●      Excessive Vibration
●      Electrical System Faults
●      Stop/Start Motoring
●      After Sales Damage
●      Neglect or Misuse

Are batteries covered under a new car warranty?

Because your car’s battery is considered a consumable part, the amount of time a full warranty covers it can often be limited.  

So, it’s definitely worth looking into the conditions of the car’s warranty when you purchase it, as manufacturers’ warranties can vary.

What about Extended Warranties- do they cover batteries?

When buying an extended warranty for a car past its manufacturer’s period of coverage, or for a used car over three years old, closely examine the policy, as many warranties do not include the car battery in the coverage. Ask if the battery is included before agreeing to the warranty.

How long is a car battery warranty for?

In Australia, car battery warranties usually last between six to 36 months. This varies depending on the manufacturer and the type of vehicle. At Marshall Batteries,  our warranties for passenger vehicles range from 12 to 42 months.

Here’s a breakdown of our Express Nationwide Warranty detailing the warranty periods for passenger vehicles, SUV/4WD/Light Commercial and Heavy Commercial vehicles.If your vehicle’s not included below, click here for a more detailed breakdown.

Product Category Tier Base Warranty Extended Warranty
Passenger Vehicle Extreme 36 months  42 months 
Passenger Vehicle Heavy Duty 24 months  30 months 
Passenger Vehicle Economy 12 months  18 months 
SUV/4WD/Light Commercial Extreme 24 months  30 months 
SUV/4WD/Light Commercial Heavy Duty 18 months  24 months 
SUV/4WD/Light Commercial Economy 12 months  18 months 
Heavy Commercial Extreme 18 months  24 months 
Heavy Commercial Heavy Duty 6 months  24 months 
Heavy Commercial Economy 6 month  12 months 

How do I know if my car battery is still under warranty?

Many batteries have a printed date code on the surface that can tell you if a warranty still covers the item.

To check this, look at the four characters at the top of your car battery; they typically begin with either a “P” or “S”.

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We hope this article has helped you understand what is and isn’t covered in car battery warranties. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always here to help!

You can also visit your local Marshall Batteries store to get advice in person. We have stores across Australia; click here to see what’s closest to you.

Need emergency roadside assistance or battery replacement? Holler for Marshall at  1300 627 742, and we’ll help you in a jiffy.


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