Marine & Jetski

For your boat or jetski, you need a battery that’s designed for life on the water. Out there on the open sea, or even while docked, there are plenty of harsh conditions and environmental factors that can impact a battery’s performance and lifespan.

Intense vibration, constant rocking and wave pounding, and trailer transport can all affect your battery. It’s important to buy the right battery to provide power to on-board accessories like your stereo, lights, fish finder, GPS and more. Higher energy applications like a fridge or winch may even require an additional house battery running alongside the engine’s Starter battery.

Think of a Marine Starting battery like a regular car battery but designed for Marine application. It delivers cold cranking amps (or “grunt”) to start the engine, and is then continually charged by the alternator. Starter batteries are a must for getting your boat or jetski on the water.

A Deep Cycle battery is better suited to longer-term or continuous charging, such as for overnight appliance use. You’ll want a Deep Cycle Boat battery to power fridges, winches, live bait tanks, communication equipment and more. Deep Cycle batteries are built to discharge up to 80%, meaning you can run your Deep Cycle battery appliances for a long time without worrying about depleting the charge and it not recovering.

In the middle, you have our Dual Purpose batteries. These combine the best of deep cycle and starting batteries, providing short bursts of starting power as well as longer cycles for your appliances and accessories. Dual Purpose batteries are ideal for running your minor boat accessories and starting your vessel. On smaller watercraft, usually 17ft and below (depending on your boats accessories) they do both starting and house power roles as a main battery. Like Deep Cycle batteries, Dual Purpose batteries are more comfortable being depleted, though are best discharged up to 50% only. We do recommend trickle charging all your boat batteries to get the longest life.

  • Orbital Sealed Deep Cycle And Starting

    Orbital Sealed Deep Cycle And Starting

    The choice of Australia's greatest adventurers. For continuous charging and recharging over years of service, the orbital Deep Cycle battery is our best for powering house systems over extended adventures on land or at sea.
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  • Stowaway Marine Dual Purpose

    Stowaway Marine Dual Purpose

    A sealed dual purpose range designed to supply power for boats with one battery bank used for both starting & cycling accommodating additional accessories. Constructed using thicker calcium plates, glass matt separators and a different active material to balance starting ability with cycling to provide adequate dual purpose power.
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  • Stowaway Marine Starting

    Stowaway Marine Starting

    Start first time every time with Exide's Marine Starting Batteries. Built rugged to resist impact and rough water vibration - a leading cause of failure in marine batteries. No-Vibe anchor bonded plates in polyethylene envelopes provide superior vibration resistance for an extra long life and reliability. Designed to provide high starting power for outboard & inboard motors with sealed maintenance free Calcium/Calcium technology, with 12 months nationwide warranty.
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  • AMP-Tech Deep Cycle

    AMP-Tech Deep Cycle

    Designed to go the distance and are the choice for remote operation over extended periods. AMP-Tech batteries use oxygen recombination technology and are all maintenance-free batteries. They have special grid alloy that produces less gassing and less self-discharging providing a longer cycle life. With special paste formula, thicker plates and additives for deep discharge and anti-vibration design, AMP-Tech delivers a longer life, reliable battery for Caravanning, Camper trailers and Motorhomes with and without Solar applications.High quality AGM separators provider additional extend cycle life and prevent micro short circuit. ABS material increases the strength of battery container. In addition, Amp-Tech has VRLA batteries designed for Security & Small Power supply such as NBN batteries and Home alarm systems.
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  • RevPlus


    The RevPlus Motorcycle Battery range is available in sizes to suit most models of motorbikes and jetskis. Powered by the latest technology, the RevPlus Motorcycle Battery range provides the most powerful motorcycle battery product available. The RevPlus Premium and HD battery range are equipped with Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology which extends battery life and ensures leak proof performance. Available in Dry Charge and Fully Sealed AGM designs to fit the most popular road bikes, trail bikes, quadbikes, scooters and jetskis in Australia.
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