Passenger & Start/Stop

Battery running on empty? Marshall’s range of passenger and stop/start batteries includes every battery you could need for a light vehicle or passenger car. Built to withstand Australian conditions, our car batteries are supported by a 18-42* month warranty period.

Rest assured when you buy from Marshall, your car battery is made with unique design features and leading technologies to ensure the best in performance, safety, maintenance requirements and longevity. Our batteries promise resistance against corrosion and a guaranteed longer life. With a comprehensive range for every type of car, you can be confident your Marshall Battery will keep up with the demands of your vehicle no matter how old, new or frequently used.

While our Deputy battery range caters to early model vehicles, we also provide advanced car battery technologies for modern and more complex vehicles with our Premium battery Range, OEM+.

Start/stop (SS) cars are covered too — with our Evolution range offering greater fuel efficiency and battery life. For drivers in harsh Australian conditions, Marshall’s Heavy Duty range offers reliable starting power for 4X4, light commercial and passenger vehicles, rain, hail or shine.

Say goodbye to short-lived, high-maintenance or unreliable batteries, and holler for a Marshall today. Browse the range below or use the Battery Selector form to find the right car battery for you. All batteries are covered under an extended nationwide warranty for peace of mind.

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