Caravan and Solar

If you’re powering Caravan appliances or campers and accessories, you need a deep cycle battery to provide consistent, continuous power over a longer period of time. Think of fridges, ovens or lighting — while these appliances generally use considerably less power than your 4WD or SUV itself, they require power over a longer period of time. This is where our deep cycle batteries excel.At Marshall, we provide AMP-Tech Deep Cycle batteries for caravans, campers, and motorhomes. Being totally maintenance free, these batteries are your perfect on-the-road companions, providing long cycles and preventing micro short circuits. Better still, our deep cycle batteries are designed to be discharged up to 80% time and time again, so you can go longer between recharges. That means a better valued battery for your camping or boating adventures

For the eco-conscious and financially prudent, AMP-Tech Deep Cycle batteries are your best option for holding solar power charge. Connect the battery to your RV solar panel system to recharge, and rest assured you’ll have power the whole way there and back. These Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are completely sealed and maintenance free, achieving a greater number of longer cycles and thereby delivering the best value for money. They are spill proof and specifically designed to be efficient, safe and longer lasting.

Shop our range of AMP-Tech Deep Cycle batteries, with various sizes to suit your caravan, camper, motorhome or RV.

  • AMP-Tech Deep Cycle

    AMP-Tech Deep Cycle

    Designed to go the distance and are the choice for remote operation over extended periods. AMP-Tech batteries use oxygen recombination technology and are all maintenance-free batteries. They have special grid alloy that produces less gassing and less self-discharging providing a longer cycle life. With special paste formula, thicker plates and additives for deep discharge and anti-vibration design, AMP-Tech delivers a longer life, reliable battery for Caravanning, Camper trailers and Motorhomes with and without Solar applications.High quality AGM separators provider additional extend cycle life and prevent micro short circuit. ABS material increases the strength of battery container. In addition, Amp-Tech has VRLA batteries designed for Security & Small Power supply such as NBN batteries and Home alarm systems.
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