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When you "Holler for a Marshall " you can be sure we are using the very best products and the right technology for your application. Marshall Batteries only use the very best quality products and technology for Marshall batteries product.

All modern applications place heavier demand on the battery's performance than ever before. Marshall understands these requirements which has resulted in the design of Marshall leading range, designed specifically for the Australian market.

For years the battery market has pointed at Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) as the sole determinant for assessing the quality of the battery. Whilst CCA is important, all key product specifications pertaining to battery performance are equally important. That is CCA, Reserve Capacity (RCm) and Amp Hours (AH). Marshall has recently designed its 'next generation' range to achieve a balance across all these key performance characteristics, delivering longer battery life.

Our balanced power approach is to achieve 'Longer Life' which is the number requirement of the consumer. This is how we can confidently offer our industry leading 42 month warranty offer. We don't just say it, we back it with our nation-wide extended warranty offer.

Established in 1935 Marshall Batteries and 'Holler for a Marshall' is the most recognised retail battery brand in the market today. Marshall products are supported by a nationwide roadside warranty of up to 42 months and supports all modern passenger vehicles, 4WD & Light Commercial applications, as well as Heavy Commercial Truck and Tractor applications.

The Marshall Battery range is designed specifically to meet local conditions and is at the forefront of modern battery technology. The battery range covers specialist applications such as Camping and Caravanning, Marine, Mobility, Lawn Mower, NBN and Motorcycle applications amongst many others.

Our products are manufactured and distributed to meet the highest quality standard and meet or exceed the Australian Standard 2149. Marshall Batteries hold the following accreditation from SAI -Global Assurance Services ISO TS16949, ISO9001, ISO14001 and complies with AS4801 standards.