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  • Passenger & Start/Stop

    Passenger & Start/Stop

    Battery running on empty? Marshall’s collection of passenger and stop/start batteries includes every battery you could need for a light vehicle or passenger car. Built to withstand Australian conditions, our batteries are supported by an 18-42* month warranty period.  Rest assured when you buy from Marshall, your car battery is made with unique design features and leading technologies to ensure the best in performance, safety, maintenance requirements and longevity. Our batteries promise resistance against corrosion and guaranteed long life. With a comprehensive range for every type of car, you can be confident your Marshall battery will keep up with the demands of your vehicle no matter how old, new or frequently used. While our Deputy range caters to early model vehicles, we’ve also covered modern and more complex vehicles with the Premium line. Intelligent start/stop (SS) cars are covered too — with our Evolution range offering greater fuel efficiency and battery life. For drivers in harsher Australian conditions, Marshall’s Heavy Duty range offers reliable starting power for 4x4, light commercial and passenger vehicles, rain or shine. Say goodbye to short-lived, high-maintenance or unreliable batteries, and holler for a Marshall today. Browse the range below or use the Battery Selector form to find the right battery for your car. Need a new battery for your vehicle? See Marshall’s latest range of passenger and stop/start batteries.
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  • SUV, 4WD & Light Commercial

    SUV, 4WD & Light Commercial

    Extreme temperatures, uneven roads and power-hungry accessories can make the demands of your off-roading 4x4 or SUV greater than the standard battery can handle. Never fear — Marshall’s got you covered with our range of reliable, powerful batteries built to withstand every extreme of the Australian climate. Off-roading vehicles are often exposed to frequent vibration and impacts, and if you’re taking your 4WD camping, there’s a chance you’re tapping into the battery power for refrigeration, entertainment or more. This means you need a battery with robust internal components, minimal maintenance needs and impressive reserve capacity. Cold cranking amps are of course also vital for your 4x4, providing pure grunt and starting power no matter the conditions. On icy winter mornings, in the heat of the Australian outback, or in the roughest of off-road conditions, our 4WD batteries are designed to overcome obstacles and deliver power through and through. In addition, the Orbital deep cycle battery is your ultimate on-the-go battery for lifestyle accessories, providing long-lasting continuous charge over years of recharging and service. Whether you’re on land or sea, a deep cycle battery is perfect for powering your fridge, screens or electric cookware. Equip your SUV/4WD with one of Marshall’s premium 4WD battery range. Reliable power for the harshest conditions.
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  • Caravan and Solar

    Caravan and Solar

    If you’re powering home appliances or campers and accessories, you need a deep cycle battery to provide consistent, continuous power over a longer period of time. Think of fridges, ovens or air conditioning — while these appliances generally use considerably less power than your 4WD or SUV itself, they require power over a longer period of time. This is where deep cycle batteries excel. At Marshall, we provide AMP-Tech Deep Cycle batteries for caravans, campers, and motorhomes. Being totally maintenance free, these batteries are your perfect on-the-road companions, providing long cycles and preventing micro short circuits. Better still, deep cycle batteries are designed to be discharged up to 80% time and time again, so you can go longer between recharges. For the eco-conscious and financially prudent, AMP-Tech Deep Cycle batteries are your best option for holding solar power charge. Connect the battery to your RV solar panel system to recharge, and rest assured you’ll have power the whole way there and back. As Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries, these are completely sealed and maintenance free, achieving a greater number of longer cycles and thereby delivering the best value for money. Shop our range of AMP-Tech Deep Cycle batteries, with various sizes to suit your caravan, motorhome or RV. Find the right power solution for your Caravan, Camper Trailer or Motorhome with Marshall’s deep cycle battery range.
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  • Marine & Jetski

    Marine & Jetski

    For your boat or jetski, you need a battery that’s adapted to life on the water. Out there on the open sea, or even while docked, there are plenty of harsh conditions and environmental factors that can impact a battery’s performance and lifespan. For example, intense vibration, constant rocking and wave pounding, and trailer transport can all affect your battery. Furthermore, it’s important to buy the right battery to provide power to on-board accessories like your stereo, lights, fish finder and more. Higher energy applications like a fridge or winch may even require an additional battery running alongside the engine’s Starter battery. Think of a Starter battery like a regular car battery. It delivers cold cranking amps (or “grunt”) to start the engine, and is then continually charged by the alternator. Starter batteries are a must for getting your boat or jetski on the water.  Meanwhile, a Deep Cycle battery is better suited to longer-term or continuous charging, such as for overnight appliance use. You’ll want a Deep Cycle battery to power fridges and winches. Deep Cycle batteries are often built to discharge up to 80%, meaning you can run your Deep Cycle battery appliances for a long time without worrying about depleting the charge. In the middle, you have Dual Purpose batteries. These combine the best of deep cycle and starting batteries, providing short bursts of starting power as well as longer cycles for your appliances and accessories. Dual Purpose batteries are ideal for accessories that require a bit of starting power to get going, or even as a main battery for a small watercraft. Like Deep Cycle batteries, Dual Purpose batteries are more comfortable being depleted, though are best discharged up to 50%. A variety of our Marine Battery Types, Jet Ski Battery Types and deep cycle batteries. See our latest collection online today.
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  • Motorbike


    See Marshall’s wide selection of premium motorcycle battery options for your motorbike. View our online range here.
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  • Buggies & Mobility

    Buggies & Mobility

    View our selection of deep cycle batteries, designed for buggies and mobility vehicles. Find the right battery type here.
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  • Light Commercial

    Light Commercial

    Marshall’s light commercial batteries are designed to last and endure the most rigorous workloads and conditions.
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  • Mowers


    Equip your lawn mower with the best in mower batteries with Marshall. See the Powerider range online.
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  • Security & Small Power

    Security & Small Power

    Find a selection of leading battery options for security and small power applications including home alarm systems.
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  • Heavy Truck

    Heavy Truck

    Marshall's truck batteries are built for tough commercial conditions. See our range of heavy duty truck batteries.
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  • Tractor & Farming

    Tractor & Farming

    View Marshall’s latest in agricultural heavy duty power solutions for tractor and farming vehicles online today.
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  • Industrial


    Marshall can provide you with leading power solutions for forklifts, stackers and other industrial vehicles.
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Our Range Of Batteries Online


Marshall Are Your Battery Specialists

Our team of specialists are here to provide you with expert service and advice on the best type of battery to suit your application. We offer an extensive range of products across a wide variety of vehicle and application types to suit all of your needs.

Marshall provides a huge range of replacement batteries for any application, including Passenger and Start/Stop, SUV and 4WD, Marine and Jetski, Tractor and Farming, Motorbike, Light Commercial, Heavy Truck and many more.

Quality Batteries Online at Great Prices

Have a specific budget and battery type? No problem. Our key focus is on providing quality products that provide great, competitive value – giving you the best prices possible. We back our batteries with a free extended, nationwide warranty, covering you right across the country. Great value, great products and great service, Holler for a Marshall now.

Built for Aussie Conditions

The Marshall range is designed specifically to meet Australian and local conditions, and is at the forefront of modern technology. No matter the type of vehicle, Marshall car batteries deliver superior performance and longer life, all backed with nationwide warranty. Whatever your needs may be, Marshall has the battery to suit. We will have you up and running again in no time!

Roadside Replacement for Total Convenience

Marshall also provides nationwide roadside assistance, installation and maintenance across our entire range. And the best part? There’s no need for a membership. So no matter where you are, we’ve got your car batteries covered.

Protecting the Environment

Marshall is committed to protecting the environment, and responsibly recycling used car batteries is very important to us. When you are done with your spent battery and ready for your next, help us out by returning it to one of our dealer stores. More information on Recycling with Marshall can be found here.


Whatever your application. Wherever you are. Whenever you need it. Holler for a Marshall!





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