The Best Off Road Drives in Queensland

When the weather is beautiful one day and perfect the next, off-roading is always on the agenda! With its unique tropical climate, the sunshine state has some of Australia’s most awesome off-roading tracks whether you’re a beginner or a pro. 

As one of Australia’s most trusted roadside assistance and vehicle batteries, Marshall Batteries has journeyed across some of the country’s top tourist spots and experiences. Here are our favourite off-road drives in Queensland.


1. Condamine River Gorge Track

Queen mary falls

Caption: The majestic Queen Mary Falls is the starting point of the great Condamine River track. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Where: Starting in Queen Mary Falls, the Condamine River track takes you all the way to Koreelah National Park in Queensland, which is about 2.5 hours away from Brisbane.

Highlights: If you love making a splash when off-roading, then Condamine Gorge is for you. Following the Condamine River and with a staggering fourteen river crossings on the track, this is definitely one for those who don’t mind getting the wheels wet!

The Condamine 4WD track really pulls out all the stops when it comes to stunning scenery. The Queen Mary Falls is one of the best off-road sites along the track and we recommend pitching a tent at one of the many accessible campsites along the way for a balmy snooze under the stars.

The best part of a Condamine Gorge journey is that the terrain itself isn’t particularly challenging, so it makes for a great family adventure with plenty of splashing around and lush scenery.

If you’re planning on heading to Condamine, take a read through this website to discover more about the region before you head off. And don’t forget to check if your car battery needs a replacement before heading out on your road trip. Holler for a Marshall at 1300 627 742, and we’ll replace your car or SUV/4WD battery so you can hit the road quickly.


2. Mount Mee

View from Mount Mee Queensland

Caption: The stunning views from Mount Mee. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Where: A great choice for those not wanting to get too far away from civilisation, Mount Mee is just an hour north of Brisbane, making it an awesome day trip or a weekender.

Highlights: If you stick to the main tracks during dry periods, you’ll find the best beginner 4WD tracks in Brisbane at Mount Mee. It’s a very easy off-roading journey that would suit four-wheel drivers of any ability. If you want to kick things up a gear, there are many smaller off-road treks branching off the main track that range from moderate to difficult.

You can access all forest tracks – unless signed otherwise – without a permit, and the tracks are open all year around. If the weather has been particularly wild, be sure to check ahead, as some tracks will be closed temporarily until the weather improves.

Along the Mount Mee tracks, you’ll find plenty of scenic spots that are perfect for a family picnic, and there are also a number of great campsites if you want to make this adventure an overnighter.

Before you head up Mount Mee, check out the Moreton Bay Region visitors site. And if you ever run into any car trouble in Moreton Bay, get in touch with Battery Wise Sunshine Coast.


3. Moreton Island

Moreton Island Adventures

Caption: The Tangalooma Wrecks at Moreton Island. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Where: Located 40 kilometres northeast of Brisbane, Moreton Island is accessible by ferry and has facilities for camping – and glamping!

Highlights: If you want to try out your sand skills, then Moreton Island is a must! Composed completely of unsealed roads and tracks outside of the Tangalooma resort, Moreton Island offers plenty of challenging terrain and adventure for thrill seekers. However, be mindful of the tides and avoid the coast within two hours of high tide.

Given the sandy and sometimes rocky terrain, Moreton Island is best suited to off-roaders who are moderate to very experienced.

While you’re on the island, don’t forget to check out the other amazing activities on offer, such as reef snorkelling, visiting the famous Tangalooma Wrecks, dolphin feeding, and sand tobogganing!

Learn more about four-wheel driving on Moreton Island from here


4. Cooloola Recreation Area 

Where: Cooloola Recreation Area is part of Great Sandy National Park, which is slightly over two hours from Brisbane.

Highlights: If you’re not sure if you want to see the stunning rainforest, gorgeous woodland areas, or picturesque rocky cliffs, then why not try a sample of all three with the Cooloola Recreation Area? Taking travellers through a varied array of environments, Cooloola showcases everything Queensland has to offer, and is an ideal location for coastal sand driving.

This array of terrains can be challenging, and getting bogged is a real risk when travelling during wetter periods of the year, so be sure to check the weather and terrain reports before heading out.

While it’s only 30km in length – and taking only about an hour to traverse – Cooloola is a track for drivers of at least a moderate skill level and is suitable for high clearance 4WDs only.

Check out the Queensland Government’s website to make sure you’re ready to hit the road… er, track.

If you love to get outdoors – and who wouldn’t in sunny Queensland? – you might also enjoy our guide to the best fishing spots near Brisbane. For more travel ideas, check out our essential hints and tips before hitting the road.

And remember, if you find yourself in need of roadside assistance on your way around Queensland, you can always holler for a Marshall on 1300 695 717.

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