4 Highly-Rated Hot Springs in Victoria

As a trusted roadside assistance and car battery provider, Marshall Batteries not only keeps cars running but also helps people discover Australia’s finest destinations and experiences. We’re all about adventure, just like you! Here’s our review of the best-rated hot springs in Victoria.

Does Victoria have natural hot springs?

Yes! Naturally heated and rich in healing minerals, Victoria is home to world-class natural geothermal hot springs as well as mineral spring spas. The Peninsula, Hepburn and Japanese Mountain Retreat hot springs are within a 1.5-hour drive away from Melbourne.

You can also visit the beautiful Deep Blue Hotel and Hot Springs in Warrnambool, located a 3.5-hour drive away from Melbourne.


1. Peninsula Hot Springs

Where: Located in Fingal on the Mornington Peninsula, just over an hour south of Melbourne, and set on 42 acres of land, this is a tranquil oasis set between the rolling sand dunes of Port Phillip Bay and lush coastal bushland.

Why we rate it: One of the jewels in the crown of Victoria’s hot spring and spa scene, Peninsula Hot Springs, is as popular with families as it is with local and international celebrities.

Inspired by the hot springs and bathing culture of Japan, brothers Charles and Richard Davidson founded the springs in 1997.

Naturally heated to 54°C thanks to a natural geothermal aquifer of mineral-rich water located 637 metres underground, you’ll be able to soak away those aches and pains in both private and public spas.

If 54°C sounds a little too steamy for you, there are several different spa experiences at various temperatures. If you’re feeling bold and looking for an invigorating experience, spend some time in the sauna and then take a dip in their -17°C degree plunge pool.

But it’s not all mindfulness and silence at Peninsula Hot Springs. A separate, family-friendly area welcomes visitors of all ages for some splashing and spa fun, with cooler and shallower pools, plenty of picnic space, and family change rooms and facilities.

With on-site wellness facilities offering massage, spa treatments, as well as fine dining, Peninsula Hot Springs is a fantastic day trip from Melbourne.

Visit the Peninsula Hot Springs website to learn more. If you ever need a battery replacement or roadside assistance when visiting Peninsula Hot Springs, get in touch with the local battery store, Mobile Battery Service Morningside Peninsula.


2. Hepburn Springs Bathhouse

Where: Just an hour and a half outside of Melbourne and a short, ten-minute drive from the popular town of Daylesford.

Why we rate it: Hepburn Bathhouse offers a social indoor bathing area that is shared with other guests, private mineral bathing options, as well as The Sanctuary – an indoor bathing area complete with:

  • an aroma steam room
  • spa couches
  • a salt and magnesium pool for soaking aching muscles
  • a tranquil outdoor creekside pool that lets bathers have a soak among the gum trees

In addition to the bathing facilities, Hepburn Bathhouse also offers a luxe menu of spa treatment experiences, packages, and luxury onsite accommodation.

Is Daylesford Hot Springs free? No, prices start at $32 for kids and $58 for adults. Check out their website for more details.


3. Deep Blue Hotel and Hot Springs Warrnambool

Where: Located three hours drive from Melbourne, Deep Blue is definitely a weekender, but the luxury onsite accommodation will ensure you’re not missing home one bit.

Why we rate it: Victoria’s first hot springs hotel looks like something straight out of the Swiss Alps! The luxurious hotel offers amazing bathing experiences, naturally heated by a pre-historic geothermal source 850 metres below ground known as the Dilwyn aquifer. As the water travels on its upward journey to the pools, it collects minerals along the way and arrives at the surface at temperatures ranging from 38°C to 45°C.

Throw in stunning accommodation, a range of spa treatments and massages, fine dining, and a lounge bar, and Deep Blue Hotel and Hot Springs is a luxury getaway that will leave you feeling reset and reinvigorated.

Click here to see Deep Blue Hot Springs Warrnambool photos, prices and more details.


4. Onsen at Japanese Mountain Retreat

Where: Located in Montrose, in the Dandenong Ranges, the Japanese Mountain Retreat offers the best of the onsen experience alongside the calming Australian bush landscape. Just 40 minutes east of the city, Japanese Mountain Retreat is the nearest natural hot springs to the CBD and could easily be a great day trip, but with so many dining and accommodation options in the Dandenong Ranges – including onsite options – why not make a weekend of it? Its proximity to the city also makes it a fantastic choice for hen’s getaways or a couple’s retreat.

Why we rate it: With indoor and outdoor naturally heated pools, the completely private bathing at Japanese Mountain Retreat gives you the opportunity to experience the bathing experience as it’s traditionally practised in Japan: naked. If that makes feel a little exposed, don’t worry, it’s not a requirement, and swimwear is welcome throughout the retreat for those who prefer to keep their kit on.
Japanese dining is available in the retreat’s restaurant for the full experience, and the accommodation is in the style of Japanese Ryokan, or private hotels, complete with floor-level beds as well as shōji – traditional Japanese sliding paper doors.

To learn more, visit the Japanese Mountain Retreat website. Call HS Motors & Auto Electrics if you need to get in touch with a local battery replacement or roadside assistance provider when visiting the stunning Japanese Mountain Retreat.

And that’s our review of the best hot springs in Victoria! If you’re planning a spa getaway, don’t let car trouble ruin the serenity. Check if your car battery needs a replacement, and if yes, Holler for a Marshall at 1300 627 742, and we’ll get you moving again and your way to soaking away those worries.

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