The Best Weekend Getaways in Victoria

Victoria is one of Australia’s gems. With such different terrains and attractions, from wineries to mountains and surf beaches, it’s easy to find a dream weekend to suit everybody. Plus, it’s easy to get around Victoria as it’s one of Australia’s smallest states.

As one of Australia’s most trusted providers of roadside assistance and vehicle batteries, Marshall Batteries has journeyed across some of the country’s top tourist spots and experiences. Here are our favourite weekend getaways in Victoria to help you explore the diverse wonders this captivating state offers within a short time.


The Grampians National Park

The majestic Mount William at Grampians National Park. Image credit: BennyG3255, Mount William (Duwil) view to the North, Grampians National Park, CC BY-SA 4.0


Where: The Grampians National Park is located just a few hours southwest of Melbourne.

Highlights: Also featured at the top of our list of the best off-road drives in Victoria, the Grampians offer magnificent terrain for those wanting to connect with nature. The mountainous landscapes are a trekker’s and climber’s paradise, with volcanic rock merging with green peaks and iconic waterfalls.

Take the hour-long walk up to the lookout, or for a more challenging climb, take one of the many longer trails.

There are many camping spots for those who enjoy roughing it, or you can opt for a romantic bed and breakfast. Either way, the ultimate outdoor adventure that you’ll experience here is easily why the Grampians National Park is listed as one of the best Victorian weekend getaways.
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Bright, Victoria

The beautiful town of Bright in Autumn.

The beautiful town of Bright in Autumn. Image credit: Sheba_Also 43,000 photos, Bright – Entrance to town-1 (41535563682), CC BY-SA 2.0


Where: The town of Bright is located close to Mt Buffalo, Falls Creek and Mt Hotham.

Highlights: Bright is the perfect all-season retreat. The town is the perfect base camp and is one of the best winter weekend getaways Victoria offers for skiers and snowboarders.

In Autumn, the hills take on the red, brown and yellow tones of fall, providing beautiful panoramic views and numerous trails to lose yourself in.

For those who desire a more rigorous holiday, 100 kilometres of sealed bike ride stretches from Wangaratta to Bright along an old railway line. Take the day to stop in Beechworth and Myrtleford or enjoy the local breweries and wineries from the Great Alpine Valley.

Visitors can also spend the day hiking up to the top of Mystic Hill, which also happens to be a great launching ground for the avid paraglider or hang glider.

Check out our guide to the best winter drives through the High Plains of Victoria for more ideas for fun in the snow.


The Yarra Valley

The Rochford Wines Vineyard in Yarra Valley

The Rochford Wines Vineyard in Yarra Valley is one of the region’s world-renowned vineyards. Image credit: MusikAnimal, Rochford Wines vineyard in Yarra Valley Australia, CC BY-SA 4.0


Where: Despite its proximity to Melbourne City, the Yarra Valley is all rolling hills, farmland and vineyards, making it one of the best Victorian weekend getaways for Melbournians.

Highlights: Relax, rent a chalet for two, or bring your group of friends for a getaway with a view and (hopefully) a hot tub.

Wine and local produce are on the agenda, with the region’s world-renowned vineyards forming a cluster around the area.

One way to see beautiful panoramic views of the Valley is from above. Take a hot balloon flight at sunrise to start your day with a little magic before heading to Healesville Village for a coffee and a local shopping spree.

Proceed to Kennedy & Wilson for chocolate tasting, and then finish your day with dinner and wine tastings at some of the most celebrated vineyards in the iconic valley. Just remember to keep it safe and nominate a designated driver. Wine not!

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The Mornington Peninsula

Stunning view of the Mornington Peninsula coast from a roadside lookout near Rye.

Stunning view of the Mornington Peninsula coast from a roadside lookout near Rye. Image credit: Orderinchaos, Mornington Peninsula coast section, CC BY-SA 4.0

Where: Located just an hour away from Melbourne City.

Highlights: The Mornington Peninsula holds enough coastal views and activities to easily take up both days of the weekend – if not more. Port Phillip’s beaches are spacious and ideal for families with small children or for windsurfers.

Head to Rosebud, Rye and Mornington for the best beaches. From there, hit up the iconic Peninsula Hot Springs, which in themselves are enough to make the Mornington Peninsula one of the best Victorian weekend getaways. Relax in the natural thermal waters as they soak away all the stress of the work week.

For the golfers, Moonah Links has one of the best courses in the area. Spend the day on the green and relax at the resort’s spa after lunch or explore the region’s wineries – a must-do for the peninsula region.

A hike up Arthur’s Seat is also a great day to spend. The mountain is the highest point on the peninsula, with panoramic views reaching all the way to Melbourne’s skyline on a clear day and a range of walks with varying levels of difficulty.

So there you have it. Enough weekend activities to last you for at least a month! For more travel guides and info on car battery maintenance, check out our expert resources here.

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