Off-Road Adventures: Your Guide To The Best Off-Road Drives in Victoria

Take your adventure off-road in Victoria, home to some of the most diverse, stunning off-roading landscapes in Australia. As one of Australia’s favourite roadside assistance and battery providers with a nationwide network, we’ve had the pleasure of exploring the country’s finest destinations and experiences.

To give you a solid start for your next off-roading adventure in the Garden State, we’ve rounded up the top off-road tracks in Victoria.


The Grampians 4WD Tracks

Mount William

Caption: The majestic Mount William at Grampians National Park. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Where: Located about three hours north-west of Melbourne, near Halls Gap.

Highlights: Expect to see dramatic scenery, caves and mountain peaks at Grampians. Convenient camping grounds, walking tracks, natural rock formations, famous waterfalls such as MacKenzie Falls and scenic viewpoints make the Grampian Ranges one of the best 4WD tracks near Melbourne.

A large amount of well-thought-out 4WD tracks make the Grampians a great place to get off-road. The 286-kilometre drive is classified as “Medium” under the new recreational 4WD track classification system and includes three main drives ranging from 30 to 136 km.

Get more information and a detailed map here.

You will travel through isolated and remote areas, so plan ahead with plenty of petrol, supplies and a vehicle recovery kit. Don’t forget to check if your car battery needs a replacement, and if yes, Holler for a Marshall at 1300 627 742, and we’ll replace your SUV and 4WD battery or buggy battery so you can hit the road quickly.


Mallee Drive

Where: The Mallee Drive starts at the Wyperfeld National Park entrance. Not to be rushed, the off-road drives in the Mallee region range from 126 – 286 km, but trust us, the drive is well worth the time.

Highlights: Despite being Victoria’s driest region, the Mallee region is one of Victoria’s best-kept secrets. Take a spin on the Mallee’s rolling plains or twist and turn through its native woodlands, stopping to enjoy the empty spaces and sand dunes of Wyperfeld and Murray-Sunset national parks along the way.

There are enough native birds, kangaroos, emus and natural woods to keep nature lovers well and truly entertained. At the end of a long drive, pitch a tent by a dry creek bed, bask in the warmth of a crackling fire and enjoy a vast mass of stars that only reveal themselves when you’re truly in the middle of nowhere.

Get more information and a detailed map here.


Bunyip State Park Tracks

Where: Just over an hour southeast of Melbourne, Bunyip State Park is ideal for an off-roading day trip.

Highlights: If you’re looking for beginner 4WD tracks in Victoria, Bunyip is where to go. A rabbit warren of tracks crisscross the State Park, offering up great off-roading for drivers at every level of experience, earning Bunyip State Park the title of Victoria’s off-roading playground.

The Little Bunyip Track is especially great for beginners as it’s got moderate inclines and mildly rugged terrains. Those looking for more challenging terrain will enjoy Anderson’s Track. While easily passable in normal weather conditions, with even the mildest downpours, it can become very difficult to tackle, but this challenge will likely thrill a confident off-roader.

Given the park’s vicinity to larger townships – Lilydale if you enter from the Yarra Valley side, and Pakenham if you enter from the Princes Highway – very little is needed as far as supplies. But, what few things you do need to pick up can be easily obtained at one of these towns. Plus, if you happen to need roadside assistance or a new 4WD battery, HS Motors & Auto Electrics and Yarra Ranges Auto Electrical are within 20 minutes from Lilydale.

Camping spots in Bunyip State Park are few and far between as it’s more of a day tripper than a weekend, but you will find a few scattered around the area if you do want to rough it. Bunyip State Park is rich with traditional Aboriginal heritage and as such, all respect and care should be taken while in the area.

If you’re thinking of heading to Bunyip State Park, check out Parks Victoria’s site before you head out.


Lake Eildon

Lake Eildon late

Caption: The Lake Eildon dam in all its glory. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Where: Located in the northern foothills of Victoria’s Central Highlands.

Highlights: Lake Eildon is a popular off-roading region, with Mount Terrible being a favourite of those looking for a challenge. Don’t let the name fool you; Mount Terrible is anything but for keen off-roaders trying their hand on rugged hills and taking in the breathtaking scenery.

Considered easy to medium difficulty, Lake Eildon is great for beginners, though it can get pretty waterlogged in winter. Given the mild terrain, wet conditions don’t pose too much of an issue, and it wouldn’t be a trip to Lake Eildon without ploughing through a giant puddle or trying your hand at a couple of river crossings!

In addition to the beautiful scenery and diverse wildlife, Lake Eildon is also home to a number of heritage sites as well as culturally rich sites of Aboriginal heritage. And, after a day spent taking in the terrain, the natural beauty, and the history, you’re just a hop, skip, and jump away from a number of local pubs. Davenport Auto Electrics is just 20 minutes away from Eildon, so give them a ring if you run into any car trouble.

Thinking of heading to Lake Eildon? Check out all the necessary info here.


Snowy River Drive

Australian Alps, Vic

Caption: An impressive view of the Australian Alps from Snowy River Road. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Where: Located about a 4.5-hour drive from Melbourne, the Snowy River drive requires at least two to three days to explore.

Highlights: Delve into the heart of Snowy River country and experience its deep gorges, waterfalls and spectacular scenery. Spend the nights gazing up at the vast skies and breathe in the sweet mountain air in one of the many tranquil riverside campsites.

The drive is classified as ‘difficult’ under the Recreational Track Classification system, but if you’re not up to the challenging drive, don’t let that put you off. There’s plenty of trekking or canoeing to do!

If you know how to handle challenging roads, there are three drives to choose from, ranging from 43 to 151 km. Visit some well-known landmarks such as:

  • The McKillop Bridge
  • The 80-metre-high Errindundra Shining Gum
  • The limestone underground splendour of Buchan Caves

Get more information and a detailed map here.


Wonnangatta Drive

Where: Accessible only by 4WD, the Wonnangatta Drive is located northeast of Victoria.

Highlights: Discover Victoria’s high country like never before, with panoramic views of the Alpine National Park. Navigate the mountain paths and enjoy cliff-top lookouts in the perfect fusion of nature and historical sites. Allow two to three days to fully explore the Victorian Alps landscape, complete with old mining towns and cattleman huts left over from the gold rush days.

Not for the faint-hearted, the 222-kilometre loop is classified as ‘Very Difficult’ under the Recreational Track Classification system.

For the experienced off-roader, though, this means a lot of fun. The unsealed tracks, trails with dips full of water, river crossings, hills and dales are all part of the journey – and the scenery is some of the best in our country!

Get more information and a detailed map here.

So there you have it. A list of our best off-road drives in Victoria! For more travel guides and info on car battery maintenance, check out our expert resources here.

And if you want to replace your battery before you start on your off-road adventures, Holler for a Marshall at 1300 695 717, and we’ll come directly to you. Our exceptional service and high-quality batteries will ensure that your vehicle is ready for whatever the terrain has to throw at you.

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