How do I know if my battery is flat?

How do you know if your battery is flat? Your car battery is an essential source of power to your car – without it you’re not going anywhere. Batteries normally have an average life expectancy of three years and the age of your battery – even though it doesn’t show any obvious signs of age, can negatively affect the other components of your car. If you choose a Marshall battery, you’ll receive up to 42 months warranty, so it’s convenient and affordable to keep your battery in tip-top shape!

So how do you know when your car battery is flat or is close to calling it quits?
Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

battery is flat

Your Engine Cranks – but Doesn’t Start

If you’re turning the key in the ignition and your engine is lagging, or not catching at all, nine times out of ten it’s a sure sign your battery is close to dying, or completely flat.

Normally turning your key in the ignition invites the battery to start supplying power to the starter. This cranks the engine, and inspires it to start, running at an idle speed until the you’re ready to move the car. So if your engine isn’t giving you anything, your best bet is to attempt the elusive jump start, or alternatively call for somebody who knows how to get you going quickly. Once your car is going again, disconnect the cables and let your cars alternator recharge by running your engine for thirty minutes.

Your battery should be ok for a day or two. Use this time to find yourself a new battery. You don’t want to be stranded again! Find your nearest Marshall Batteries store here.

Key in the Ignition. Turn and… nothing. 

This one’s a no brainer. No crank, no start, no lights… big problem. This could be attributed to another problem in your car, but majority of the time it’s a big indicator your battery is flat…really, really flat. If the car won’t start but the headlights do work, this could be a job for the big boys, and leads more towards a mechanical problem.

The battery powers all the accessories and lights in your car, so if absolutely nothing is responding then your battery is the first culprit. However the fact your car is this empty of juice juice could mean your alternator is a partner in crime.

Playing You Hot and Cold

One day your car is having no problem starting and the next… This is the sign of one of two things; your battery terminals are broken, falling off or corroded or your power is being drained by something that it shouldn’t be. To fix this either check the battery cables to see if they’re firmly in place or if the wires have deteriorated. Everything should be tight and streamlined. If your car functions fine when you’re driving it several days in a row, but fails to start if you leave it for a day, this is a sign that something is leaking power from the battery that shouldn’t be. To investigate this issue you may need to call in a higher authority, or if you’re handy with and ammeter or voltmeter, give it a go yourself!

Your Battery is Trying to Tell You Something

Car batteries have a funny way of indicating their close to breaking down. The visual factors include a swollen, bloated battery case, leaks causing corrosion around the cable connections of the battery (where the + and – are), low battery fluid level, and a weak signal from the check engine light. More physical signs such as your car being slow to start, driving sluggishly and feeling that your putting a lot more energy into it than before are sure signs that your battery is flat or about to be completely dead. In this case your definitely due for a change,

You’ve Jump Started Your Car Frequently in the Past Week
It doesn’t happen often but even a fairly new battery can cause massive issues if it’s been jumped frequently in a short space of time. Jumping puts a lot of stress on your battery. So if you go to turn on your car and experience any of the above reactions, think back to the past month. Jumping frequently can be a sneaky reason why your battery is flat for seemingly no reason. Take this rule into your auto life. If you’ve had to jump start your car more than three times in a single week, it’s time for a new one.
Flat batteries can be a pain, but don’t let them be more stressful than they have to be! Call Marshall Batteries for roadside assistance, a jump start, a new battery or even a fuel top up!

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