The Best 4WD Tracks in South Australia For Epic Off-Road Driving

4WD tracks in South Australia are truly something special: trails through untamed bushlands and the great outback, coastal drives that take your breath away, and rocky terrain that will put your vehicle to the test. As one of Australia’s favourite roadside assistance and battery providers with a nationwide network, we’ve had the pleasure of exploring some of these trails and have put together a list of our top recommendations for off-road driving in spectacular South.

The Simpson Desert

Simpson Desert Conservation Park

Caption – Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons.

Where: Located in the north of the state, The Simpson Desert has plenty of great spots for sand driving, with kilometres of rolling sand dunes and plenty of camels to see along the way!

Highlights: The Simpson Desert is, arguably, one of the greatest Australian off-roading experiences.
Given the remote nature of the desert, this is one for experienced 4WD and off-roaders with high clearance 4WDs and requires a fair bit of planning ahead and stocking up. Check if your car battery needs a replacement, and if yes, Holler for a Marshall at 1300 627 742, and we’ll replace your SUV, 4WD battery so you can hit the road quickly.

You’ll need a Desert Parks Pass from National Parks SA to tackle the Simpson, so make sure you dot all of your ‘i’s and cross all of your ’t’s before heading out. Some areas of the desert are closed between December and March due to extreme heat, so check accessibility before heading out.

Take a read of this post by Expedition Australia for tips on safely and successfully crossing The Simpson Desert


The Coorong

The Old Coorong Road

Caption – The Old Coorong Road. Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons.

Where: Located about 150km southwest of Adelaide, the Coorong National Park can be accessed through Goolwa, Meningie, and Salt Creek off Highway 1 .

Highlights: The southern coastal region of The Coorong is a beautiful and entertaining drive for off-roaders with moderate experience. The weather along the coastline can get a little wild, so don’t expect a sunny drive all year round, and be sure to check weather conditions before heading out.

The Coorong makes for a great off-roading and fishing weekend, with plenty of mulloway, salmon, and gummy sharks to be found in the area – so be sure to pack your fishing gear.

Camping spots are also plentiful in the area, and the dunes provide a fair bit of protection from the wind for campers. And if you’re off-riding with the family, be sure to check out our guide to essential camping with kids hacks here.

It’s best to tackle the beaches at Coorong at low tide, and low tyre pressure is recommended to avoid getting bogged. But if you do end up in any trouble, call Mount Barker Oil & Battery in Goolwa for emergency roadside assistance, and they’ll tow you to safety.


Flinders Ranges

The Flinders Ranges from Brachina Gorge Road

Caption – The Flinders Ranges from Brachina Gorge Road. Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons.

Where: Located about a five-hour drive (500km) north of Adelaide.

Highlights: The Flinders Ranges is a popular off-roading area for drivers of all experience levels, with plenty of easy tracks to tackle as well as steeper, more narrow tracks for those wanting to push their 4WD to the limits.

Head south towards the Eyre Peninsula, and you’ll be treated to stunning coastal views, with surf beaches and limestone cliffs peppering the coastline. With the area teeming with wildlife, you’ll also be able to do some kangaroo spotting, as well as lizards, emus, and wedge-tailed eagles.

The Flinders Ranges has both Public Access Routes (PAR), as well as a number of private tracks that offer drivers a pay-to-use off-roading experience. Have a scout around online before heading out to make the most of the various tracks and to get a feel of the skill level required for each.

The Nuccaleena Mine Ruin and the Artimore Homestead make for interesting heritage stop-offs along the way, and you’ll find plenty of great watering holes and creeks for rest and picnic breaks.

If the Flinders Ranges sounds like an area you’d enjoy, check out the blog Flinders and Outback for a low down on everything you’ll need to know before heading out.

If a southern adventure is on your mind, then you might also enjoy having a read of our guide to the best fishing spots near Adelaide. Check out our range of 4WD and SUV batteries to make sure you’ve got the best and most reliable power under the bonnet before you tackle these epic 4WD tracks in South Australia. And if you’re interested in off-roading across our other states and territories, we’ve got them covered here.

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