10 Essential Camping With Kids Hacks To Make Family Adventures Easier

Marshall Batteries has been helping Australians explore the country since 1935. We’ve brought together our best family camping tips to help you get out and explore.

Top Tips for Camping with Kids:

Enhance Camping Comfort With Cosy And Colourful Foam Floor Tiles

Use foam floor tiles for a softer tent floor. Comfortable and colourful foam floor tiles are a great way to keep the tent insulated and are much more comfortable to place your mattress on than a cold tent floor.

Still, got those foam tiles in the shed from when the kids were little? Pull them out and dust them off – they’re perfect for camping!

Use A Deep Cycle Battery To Power Up Your Camping Adventures

A deep cycle battery is the best way to provide power on the campsite and campervan and can be used to run camp lights, phone chargers and laptops/tablets so you can keep the kids entertained on a rainy day.

Unlike car batteries that deliver a quick burst of energy, deep-cycle batteries provide a steady and consistent supply of energy for an extended duration. This makes them the ideal solution for fulfilling the energy needs of camping adventures. Whether as auxiliary or secondary power sources for your 4WDs, caravans or campervans, deep-cycle batteries are perfect companions for camping.

Check out this guide for more info – What is a deep cycle battery?

Have A Cleaning Station At Your Campsite

The last thing you want on your camping trip is for the kids to get a nasty bug. So, it’s a good idea to set up a cleaning station at your campsite.

Reuse a clean, empty pump-nozzle shampoo bottle. Fill with water and place on a table next to a bottle of hand soap. You now have your very own hand-washing station!

Simplify Campsite Cooking: Hang Pots and Pans with Ease!

This one’s easy. Tie a belt around a tree and hang a few metal hooks. You can now hang pots and pans from a tree while camping. What a great way to solve the “who’s going to dry the dishes?” problem! Plus, it leaves more space in your tent or campervan for other gear.

Stay Warm With A DIY Solution Or Buy A Portable Heater

Make an easy-to-carry and easy-to-use fire-starter. Place match light charcoal or a few firelighter cubes in a cardboard egg carton. All you have to do is place the egg carton in the fire pit and set it alight. Super easy!

However, if you’re not keen on a DIY solution, you can always opt for a portable heater to keep the tent nice and warm. You can power up your heater using a deep-cycle battery for a reliable power source.

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Don’t Search For Fire Wood

No need to send the family off to find kindling – a packet of crisps will do just as well! Remove the packet (don’t burn it; it’s toxic) and throw those delicious snacks in the fire to get it started.

Don’t want to waste food? Cotton pads dipped in wax are a surprisingly quick way to start a fire, too. These ingenious alternatives ensure a blazing fire and an eco-friendly approach to campfire ignition, making your outdoor experience even more enjoyable.”

Cut Down On Cooking Time

Don’t waste time waiting for your meat to marinate. Instead, place rosemary directly on the coals. The herb will give an effortlessly delicious smoky flavour.

To cut down on cooking time while camping, you can measure all the ingredients and pack them in ziplock bags. Make sure to label each bag properly. You can even prepare delicious soups, stews, or chilli ahead of time, freeze them, and store them in a chilly bin. When it’s time to eat, just reheat them for a quick and tasty meal!

Camping Hacks

Chill Smarter: Ice-Free Cooling and Portable Fridges for Camping Comfort

Freeze big jugs of water and place them in your esky. Not only does the ice take longer to melt, but you can avoid the puddle of mush that comes from melted ice.

To make it easier, take a mini fridge that’s powered by a deep-cycle battery. This ingenious addition keeps your items cool without the hassle of ice management.

Keep the Kids Busy With a Scavenger Hunt

Use your imagination and write down a list of things for them to find, such as “something fuzzy, something rough, a pinecone, etc.” The nature scavenger hunt is an easy way to entertain the kids while you sit back and relax.

Have Pancakes on Demand

Make a “shake and pour” pancake mix! Easily transportable and super simple to make, this mixture doesn’t need to be refrigerated, thanks to the dry milk powder. Get the recipe here.

Remember, if you find yourself in a sticky situation on your camping adventure, call Marshall Batteries for roadside assistance, a jump start, a new battery or even a fuel top-up! 1300 627 742

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