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Car features we left behind with the ‘80s

Advancements in cars are driving along at an alarming rate. Though old cars may hold a certain nostalgic charm, there are some car features we left behind with the 80’s of which we can all agree, are better off staying there.

The Ashtray 

Through the 1950’s – 1980’s smoking was considered normal – even cool. Consequently, ashtrays were mounted on the dash, to seat backs, armrests even the doors. You name it a car company could put an ashtray there. Today it is incredibly rare to find an ashtray in a car. We think it’s safe to say that the inbuilt ashtray is one car feature that we left behind with the 80’s – and made space for bigger and better things.

Hood ornaments

Hood ornaments used to be the go-to sign of prestige for an expensive car brand. Some were icons of the brand, some showed a limited edition of the car and some were collectable rarities. However the once defining car feature has been left behind for a significant number of reasons; firstly they ruined the aerodynamics, and secondly, those shiny expensive things normally get stolen. Rolls-Royce continues to carry on tradition – however it lowers below the hood of the car at the press of a button.

Manual windows

Not many people will mourn the death of the manual window. Though charmingly nostalgic, the manual window is Inconveniently located, hard to operate and ever so distracting when driving. Despite the old reliability that the electrics won’t make a window unusable – the manual window is one of many car features that we left behind with the 80’s.

Bench Seats

Ah, bench seats. Yet another car feature we left behind in the 80’s! Bench seats where once the go-to design throughout the 1980’s. Back then you could fit 3 people up the front of your car, very convenient for movie dates and big families, however incredibly unsafe.

Boxy Designs

Placing aside the neutral interiors and slightly dodgy electronics, the 80’s are also famous for boxy car designs. While we can only just guarantee it wasn’t a legal requirement to design cars using only a ruler and pencil, there does seem to be a common box theme to the 80’s which we have thankfully, or unthankfully left behind.

While there’s certain car features we left behind in the 80’s, here’s what we predicted we’ll see from cars in 2020

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