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Spring Cleaning Tips to Get Your Car Sparkling!



Spring is in the air. With the increased sunshine comes the call to clean up everything in your life – including your car. Our best spring car cleaning tips will help you spruce up your vehicle so you can fully enjoy the best outdoor adventures the season has to offer.

From the Inside Out

Remember true beauty comes from the inside. Begin your spring cleaning by taking out all the rubbish, searching in every nook and cranny and sliding all of your seats forward to make sure you don’t miss anything. Finally place any items from the interior outside. It’s much easier to clean when there’s nothing in your way!

Remove Stubborn Dirt

Wash down the seats, dashboard, cup holders and compartments using a damp towel and break off any hardened dirt and mud with a bristle brush. If the dirt is stubbornly embedded itself in the vinyl it may be necessary to wet the area with soapy water and scrub it with a toothbrush. Another spring car cleaning tip is to use the same toothbrush and get the crumbs out from between the seat. Finish up with a quick vacuum of the interior.

Polished Look

Rub olive oil on your dashboard using a soft cloth. This will condition and polish the leather – and doesn’t cost much at all!

The Details Count

To really make sure your interior is sparkling clean buy a cheap foam or paint brush to dust between the AC vents, over the buttons and nobs on the dashboard and in hard to reach crevices. Use a vacuum cleaner to pick up the residue as you go so the dirt doesn’t have the chance to settle.

Clean Dirty Floor Mats

All you need for this one is stain remover. Remove your dirty floor mats from the car and spray with stain remover before throwing them in the washing machine. Spring car cleaning made easy!

The Windows

Clean your windows on both the inside and outside using a window cleaner and dry towels. Store glass cleaning wipes in your glove compartment so that you can use them at any point to keep them clean. Too easy!

The Exterior

Use a soft towel and a mild detergent to wash the vehicle down. To lock down that shine, wax your vehicle (making sure to keep out of direct sunlight). Remember to do a patch test if you’re using a new product by testing the product on a hidden portion of the body of your car. This will make sure the wax won’t have any bad effects on that perfect paint job.



Are your headlights more cloudy than clear? All you need to brighten them up is toothpaste and water. Squeeze out a bit of toothpaste on the rag and scrub the headlight in a circular motion. Finish by rinsing the headlights down.

Pop the Hood

Under the Hood: To finish your spring car cleaning day off, pop the hood! Dirt, leaves and random debris can find it’s way into the engine if you’re not careful. Wipe down the edges and clear out any gunk. You could even consider getting your engine professionally cleaned. Change the oil, check fluids and ensure all lighting systems are working at their best!

The Final Touch

For that spring car cleaning final touch, buy an air freshener and attach it to the rear view mirror. Pat yourself on the back. Spring is now truly in the air!

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