Skiing on a Budget in Australia: 3 Essential Tips To Elevate Your Snow Adventure!

We Aussies love to keep active. Sportsmanship and getting outdoors is in our DNA. And so, with some of the most amazing world-class snowfields located right here in Oz, it’s no surprise that despite our international reputation as a summer-loving country, skiing and snowboarding have become increasingly popular hobbies – and it doesn’t have to break the bank!

At Marshall Batteries, we love the great outdoors just as much as you. For over 75 years, we have been empowering Australians to drive confidently and explore the stunning landscapes this country has to offer.

Whether you’re hitting the slopes for a snowy adventure or embarking on a road trip to your favourite winter wonderland, our roadside assistance service is here to ensure that you can pursue your passion for skiing on a budget with peace of mind.

So, without further ado, read on for our tips to help you get the most out of your ski or snowboard trip this season.

Plan Ahead By Booking Early

Selwyn snowfields

The Selwyn Snowfields resort is one of Australia’s most popular family winter playgrounds, so make sure to book your visit well ahead to avoid disappointment! Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons.

Organising ski classes, lift passes, equipment, and accommodation well in advance of your snow trip can save big bucks. Scope out deals online in the months leading up to your holiday, and you’ll be surprised how much you will save. Many snow resorts also offer great package deals that can be purchased in advance that will save you money – and last-minute headaches – and help make your getaway budget-friendly and relaxing. Check out our list of five of the best Australian ski resorts for families for a great place to get started.

But, if you’ve already got a particular resort in mind, check out their website in the off-season for early bird deals that will save you big bucks when the season rolls around.

Websites like Skyscanner are great to keep an eye on for cheap accommodation. Download the app and set an alert for the deal you’re looking at to book while the prices are low.

Sort Out Your Skiing Gear

When it comes to snow gear, there’s no harm in being ready for next season early. Many seasoned snow trippers swear by trawling op shops towards the end of winter and in early spring when the season is winding down, and people are Konmari-ing their closets.

Aldi is another favourite of those in the know, with snow gear – especially for the little ones – popping up in their weekly sales in early winter. But get in quick, as nabbing special buys at Aldi can be a competition sport all of its own!

If you don’t plan on visiting the snow frequently, then hiring snow gear off-mountain may be a more cost-effective option than purchasing gear you probably won’t use again.

If you’re going on a skiing road trip, make sure your car battery is fully charged because when it’s chilly outside, condensation can creep into the battery and cause corrosion. Read this guide on what to do with a flat battery, or prep ahead by replacing your old battery with a new car battery from Marshall Batteries, and you can hit the road with confidence.

Go Off Peak

Snow season in Australia is popular, so large crowds – and high prices – during peak season are sometimes unavoidable. Heading up the mountain during during off peak times can save you money hand over fist, and will also mean less competition for accomodation, space on the slopes, and car parks.

Peak season in Australia runs from mid July until late August, so heading up in June or September will mean lower prices and smaller crowds. Going off peak can have its drawbacks – such as lower and less frequent snow falls – but keeping up with the Bureau of Meteorology  and the snow reports will help you scope out when the best times to visit are.

Even if you do decide to go during peak snow season, you can still save a lot of money by visiting the slopes midweek when the weekend crowd have headed back to the city.

Stay Off The Mountain

Like any tourist destination, the closer you are to the action the higher the price will be, and the snowfields are no exception. Australia’s snowfields are flush with luxury accomodation right at the heart of the fun – and that can be a great experience, but it will definitely hit you in the pocket.

Staying in accomodation off the mountain can save you plenty of money, while still giving you great access to the slopes. Many families with small children prefer staying a little further afield, as the accomodation is often more spacious and much quieter.

If you don’t mind bunking down with fellow snow goers, hostels are a great money saving alternative. Browsing websites like YHA Australia can bring up some great deals for younger people looking to hit the snowfields on a budget.

For a unique and cost effective option, websites like AirBnB can be a great alternative. Whole houses and cabins can be rented from private home owners, or you can even just rent a private room in a family home if that’s more your style.

Key Points for Skiing on a Budget in Australia

  • Planning ahead and booking early are great ways to save money on ski trips. Op shops, Aldi sales and special deals online should be considered.
  • Make sure you have the correct gear, check out car batteries in advance, and consider off-peak times at the resorts to save money.
  • Accommodation off-mountain offers cheaper alternatives compared to luxury accommodation on-mountain. Hostels, Airbnb and YHA Australia are some great options for budget-friendly stays.

If you’re thinking of heading up to the snow this winter, check out our essential hints and tips before you head out. If you’re heading up with the family, then make sure you have a read of our top picks of the best Australian ski resorts for families.

And remember, if you find yourself in need of roadside assistance on your way up the mountain, you can always holler for a Marshall on 1300 627 742!



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