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Marshall Batteries Geelong

Store Address

142 Fyans Street

Contact Details

Store Phone:
03 5223 1255

Mobile Service / Roadside Batteries:
1300 627 742 (1300 MARSHALL)

Battery Store:
1300 465 537 (1300 HOLLER)

Thanks for visiting Marshall Batteries & Camping Geelong.

Our local team are your Geelong battery and camping experts and provide you with the very best advice on the complete Marshall Battery & Adventure KINGS range. With sound advice and the ultimate battery solution, Marshall Geelong Batteries is the one-stop Geelong Battery & Camping shop. Now an Adventure KINGS dealer selling all your essential camping and 4WD accessories.

Not only do we do great camping gear and the best car batteries, we are also specialists in boat batteries and jetski batteries along with all related battery and camping accessories. We can recommend and install for any battery application.

Our huge range includes motorcycle batteries, home and garden batteries, lawn mower batteries, truck battery service and battery products as well as a massive range of Farming and Tractor batteries.

If you need an industrial battery, 4WD battery (including dual battery 4X4 set-ups), Quadbike battery or even a forklift battery in the Bellarine and Geelong region, we can assist you with the best product for your needs.

We have a full range of batteries to suit all applications, including premium, spill-proof, Deep Cycle Caravan Batteries, Camper Trailer Batteries, Golf Cart batteries and even stop/start car batteries.

And if you want us to come to you, we have a mobile battery service, Geelong roadside assistance, batteries delivered and expertly fitted roadside at home, onsite, work, at the farm or marina to get you out of trouble day or night.

Our batteries are specified to car battery OEM requirements or greater and provide specialist fitment of all automotive and marine batteries.
Marshall Batteries & Camping Geelong services the wider Geelong and Western District region so if you need a battery in Corio, Torquay, Avalon, Queenscliff, Anglesea and along the Great Ocean Road and right across Winchelsea and the Western District, we can assist you.

We are a full battery specialist store with battery management systems, battery cables, battery terminals, tie-downs, battery boxes, fuses, car and trailer accessories such as Engel car fridges, trailer locks and security products, Andersen plugs and all with specialist, local know-how.

We have everything you need in battery accessories, battery chargers, invertors, dual battery kits and battery trays, 12V battery accessories and a full range of other batteries such as AAAA Batteries, Button Batteries and even power tool batteries.

Brands include Matson, Master Instruments, Piranha Off Road products, KINGS Camping and 4WD accessories and the legendary Marshall Battery range.

Marshall Batteries & Camping Geelong is also a Battery Collection centre. Bring your used lead acid battery to this location for safe and responsible recycling.  Environmental stewardship and recycling is a major focus in all Marshall operations. Marshall Batteries manufactures new batteries which are 98% recyclable and 85% comprised of previously recycled materials, so help us support our environment and re-cycle Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULAB) wherever you see this sign, right across the country.

Client Testimonials

Hear what customers who visited Marshall Batteries Geelong have to say about the service.

Such kind and honest people.
Last year they told me I didn't need a new battery as the car just needed a drive.
Another road sight assist said I did and were going to charge me so much more.
This year I broke down, got started and got advice. The next day I drove it to the main office.
Thank you for providing such a wonderful service.


We were still talking about the level of service at this place when we got home. Unbelievable! The guys went out of their way to help us out with all the 4WD accessories we needed, even getting the car inside to see if what we needed actually fit the car! Will definitely shop here again. Outstanding!

Mick Torney

I choose to use the Marshall Batteries for all my Fishing Charter Vessels with over two decades in the industry i don 't take short cuts and these guys are excellent in both product service and reliability i most definitely give them a 5 star rating as they deserve it.

Thank from Matt Cini & the Reel Time Fishing Charters Team.

Reel Time

The service was 10/10 - the staff were all super friendly, helpful and informative. I’d definitely come here again!

Kaylan Hancl

Frequently Asked Questions in Geelong

What hours is Marshall Batteries Geelong open?

The Marshall Batteries Geelong store is open to customers from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and open from 8am to 4pm on Saturdays. Our rapid response roadside battery delivery is available 24/7 for our service areas.

Can Marshall Batteries Geelong deliver batteries?

Yes! We deliver batteries 24/7 throughout the wider Geelong area on short notice. For delivery of Marshall Batteries or other roadside assistance, holler for a marshall on 1300 627 742.

What areas does Marshall Batteries Geelong service?

Marshall Batteries Geelong supplies batteries, 4WD accessories and camping goods to the wider Geelong area. Stop by for anything you need or give us a holler for roadside support in Corio, Torquay, Avalon, Queenscliff, Anglesea, and along the Great Ocean Road and right across Winchelsea and the Western District.

Can I recycle my car battery at Marshall Batteries Geelong?

Yes. Marshall Batteries Geelong is a battery collection centre. Help us support our environment and recycle Used Lead Acid Batteries by bringing your old batteries to us or letting us take away your old battery when we deliver a new one.

What battery range does Marshall Batteries Geelong sell?

Marshall Batteries Geelong sells the entire Marshall Batteries range, with a focus on camping and car batteries. We also sell boat and jetski batteries, and include motorcycle, home & garden, lawn mower, tractor and truck batteries in our range. If you need a 4WD or quad bike battery, or deep cycle battery for camping power supply, we’ve got you covered.

Where can I get a car battery in Geelong?

Marshall Batteries Geelong has car batteries for every type of car, including modern stop/start and 4WDs. Visit us at 142 Fyans Street, Geelong, or let us come to you by calling 1300 627 742 for 24/7 roadside assistance.

How much is the callout fee for roadside assistance in Geelong?

Marshall Batteries Geelong provides roadside assistance 24/7. The callout fee can differ depending on your location and what you need. In some cases, there is no callout fee if you need a new battery. Call 1300 627 742 at any time, 24/7, and we’ll happily provide a free quote and get someone to you as soon as possible.

Does Marshall Batteries Geelong provide a warranty for batteries?

Yes. All batteries from Marshall Batteries Geelong come complete with a free extended warranty, lasting up to 42 months and applying nationwide. The actual length of the warranty may vary between batteries.Yes. All batteries from Marshall Batteries Geelong come complete with a free extended warranty, lasting up to 42 months and applying nationwide. The actual length of the warranty may vary between batteries.

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