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Our local team are your Dubbo battery experts and provide you with the very best advice on the complete Marshall Battery range of products and related battery accessories. With sound advice and the ultimate battery solution, Marshall Batteries DUBBO is your one stop battery shop.

Not only do we do car batteries, 4WD batteries and truck batteries, we are also specialise in agricultural and tractor batteries along with all related battery accessories. We can recommend and install for any dual battery system or commercial battery application.

Our huge range includes motorbike batteries, home and garden batteries, including lawnmower batteries, and battery products as well as a massive range of farming and heavy machinery batteries for Agricultural purposes.

If you need a solar or industrial deep cycle battery, 4x4 battery, Quadbike battery or even a forklift battery in the Central West, NSW region, we can assist you with the best product for your needs, whatever your specific battery application.

We have a full range of battery technologies including sealed maintenance free, low maintenance, hybrid batteries, enhanced flooded batteries, absorbed glass matt AGM batteries, maintainable batteries, spill proof batteries, deep cycle batteries, gel batteries, lithium-ion batteries, valve regulated lead acid batteries and cylindrical wound AGM batteries.

These battery technologies are designed to suit all applications for passenger vehicle batteries, stop start batteries, SUV and four wheel drive batteries, light commercial batteries, heavy commercial batteries, plant and equipment batteries, motorhome batteries,  caravan Batteries, camper trailer batteries, golf cart batteries, marine batteries, watercraft batteries, solar batteries, industrial batteries, sweeper batteries, NBN batteries, electric toy batteries, scissor lift batteries, forklift batteries, UPS system batteries, domestic batteries and communication batteries.

Our batteries are specified to car battery OEM requirements or greater and provide specialist fitment of all automotive and commercial batteries. We can meet you battery budget no matter what by offering a good, better or best battery range, all with a nation-wide warranty.

Marshall Batteries Dubbo services the wider CENTRAL WESTERN region so if you need a Dubbo battery in the CENTRAL WESTERN District, we can assist you.

We are a full battery specialist store with battery management systems, battery cables, battery terminals, tie-downs, battery boxes, fuses, car and trailer accessories such as Engel car fridges, trailer locks and security products, Andersen plugs and all with specialist, local Dubbo know how.

We have everything you need in battery accessories, battery chargers, invertors, dual battery kits and battery trays, 12V battery accessories and a full range of other batteries such as AAAA Batteries, phone batteries, remote control batteries, hearing aid batteries, watch batteries, button batteries and even power tool batteries.

Brands include Matson, Master Instruments, Piranha Off Road products and the legendary Marshall Battery range. 

Marshall Batteries DUBBO is also a Battery Collection centre. Bring your used lead acid battery to this location for safe and responsible recycling.  Environmental stewardship and recycling is a major focus in all Marshall operations. Marshall Batteries manufactures new batteries which are 98% recyclable and 85% comprised of previously recycled materials, so help us support our environment and re-cycle Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULAB) wherever you see this sign, right across the country. 

Marshal Batteries Dubbo provides a free extended battery warranty which covers you right across Australia, roadside day or night, for peace of mind.

You don’t need costly roadside assistance in the Dubbo area, you are covered if you Holler for Marshall Batteries in Dubbo. Visit us at our Battery Store or for further information www.hannafordtyre.com.au