What’s Not to Love About a Classic?


Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Modern cars are quicker, more efficient and cheaper to run. But there’s nothing quite like the feeling of being in something from a time when cars were made with love. Designed by hand, produced as a rarity and unencumbered by modern standards, the classic car is something that was built to last both on the road and in people’s hearts.

Here are some great reasons to love driving a classic car – and how to keep yours running like it just rolled out of the factory.


Designers actually used pencil and paper to make their designs come alive on the page. These designs were unique, as beautiful as a Marshall Battery with shapes capturing the mood of the times. What’s more fun and unique than driving a convertible from the swinging sixties or a Mustang GT from the days of the muscle car? Not much.

It’s Old, But It’s here to Stay

People who buy modern cars own their car between 6 months and 5 years on average before they feel the need to replace it. Once you get your hands on a classic though, you’re unlikely to trade it in. This is partly because rare classics are difficult to come by, but also due to the fact that back in the day, classic car production was a manual process and those beauties were built to last. Craftsmen used simple tools, drawing on decades of experience to create panels by hand. These creations have stood the test of time and are one of the many reasons to love driving a classic car.

The Driver is Really in Control

Remember the days when driving was less automated? Modern cars have power steering, cruise control and can even park for you. With a classic car, you’re truly in control. You’re actually in the driver’s seat, guiding the car using the controls and gear box. This authentic experience is why we love driving a classic car. You really get to feel the character when you drive and admire the balanced mechanical systems.

Blast from the Past

When you drive a classic car, you’re driving a piece of history. Every car has a story to tell. From the story of the business that made the car, to what was going on in the world in the year it was made, to the trips and adventures each individual car has taken, a great classic car is still in operation for good reason. Each scratch, crack or imperfection in the paint job could have a story. Classic cars are real-deal objects, the originals that are limited in supply and built to last.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Classic cars are fun to drive, but it’s even more important that you look after them properly. Marshall can help keep yours powered up with the right car battery for your pride and joy. Call Marshall Batteries to give your old girl the right power today! 1300 627 742

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