Cold Weather & Batteries

Cold Weather & Batteries

When winter is on the way, it means more than just cold weather for your battery. A dead car battery in extreme cold can strand motorists and a battery failure at the wrong time can be a headache, to say the least. But don’t worry, help is always on hand and Marshall Batteries are ready to help you as soon as you Holler and remember you don’t need to be a member to Holler for a Marshall! For your nearest Battery Store or Roadside Assistance nationwide, phone 1300 627 742 (1300 MARSHALL). We have an extensive range of car battery replacements to fit all your vehicle needs.

Batteries installed over three years ago are likely to need the most attention during Winter. Is your vehicle becoming sluggish to start? This is often a sign that your battery is on the way out and you should Holler for a Marshall now to have it checked out! You will need to get fast battery replacement. Store and mobile battery replacement nationwide.

The best defence and safety measure is to have your battery and charging system checked regularly by a Marshall Technician prior to the winter period or turn into your nearest Marshall Battery Shop for an FREE in-store battery check.

Whilst some batteries are sealed, many Marshall Batteries have removable vent caps to allow the battery to be serviced. Check the fluid inside is about 5mm above the battery plates. If the fluid needs topping up, use distilled water. You should also check that the battery is securely fastened and that the battery terminals are clean and tightly connected. More hints and tips on battery care can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Several tips for good auto and battery maintenance to prepare for the cold weather:

  • When you drive in cold weather, make certain you drive the car long enough to recharge the battery and try to avoid frequent stops and starts over a short period of time
  • To effectively recharge a battery, motorists should minimise electrical loads, such as windshield and rear window defrosters, radio, extra lights and electric windows etc.
  • If it is difficult to start, this is an indication the battery is about to fail. Holler for a Marshall and ask us to perform an electrical systems and FREE instore battery check.

Unsure? Fill in our Get a Battery Quote form and we will contact you to discuss. Remember if you suffer a Dead Battery don’t Yell, Holler for a Marshall! #bettervalue #longerwarranty #besttechnology #peaceofmind #Since1935

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