Marshall Batteries Rockhampton

Store Address

114 Glenmore Rd (corner of Main St),
Park Avenue QLD 4701


Weekday Shop: 8:00am – 5:00pm
Weekend Shop: 8:00am-1:00pm: mobile service available 24/7
Mobile Service: 24 hours – 7 days a week

Contact Details

PHONE 1300 Holler (1300 465 537) for store and roadside battery replacement

Thank you for visiting Marshall Batteries Rockhampton. We provide you with the best service and advice on all your battery needs. We do more than the best car batteries.

Our local team are your battery experts and provide you with the very best advice on the complete Marshall Battery range of products. With sound advice and the ultimate battery solution, Marshall Batteries is the one-stop Rockhampton battery shop for all vehicles and boats.

Not only do we do car batteries, 4WD batteries and truck batteries, but marine batteries as well. We can recommend and install any battery application. Our range includes lawn mower batteries, golf cart batteries and a wide range of vehicle, truck, and boat batteries.

If you need a deep cycle battery, 4WD battery, Quadbike battery or even a forklift battery in the Rockhampton region, we can assist you with the best product for your needs. We do Fleet Battery Management across the whole Rochhampton region.

We can supply a full range of battery technologies including sealed maintenance free, low maintenance, (EFB) enhanced flooded batteries, (AGM) absorbed glass matt batteries, maintainable batteries, spill proof batteries, deep cycle batteries plus valve regulated lead acid batteries.

These battery technologies are designed to suit all applications for passenger vehicle batteries, stop start batteries, SUV and 4WD batteries, light commercial batteries, heavy commercial batteries, plant and equipment batteries, motorhome batteries, caravan batteries, camper trailer batteries, mobility scooter batteries, marine batteries, watercraft batteries, solar batteries, industrial batteries, sweeper batteries, NBN batteries, scissor lift batteries, forklift batteries & more.

Our batteries are specified to car battery OEM requirements or greater and provide specialist fitment of all automotive batteries. We offer a range of good batteries, better batteries or best batteries to meet your battery price requirements.

Marshall Batteries Rockhampton supply a wide range batteries into the wider Rockhampton region including Allenstown, The Range, Rockhampton, Rockhampton Hospital, Red Hill Rockhampton, Port Curtis, Depot Hill, West Rockhampton, The Common, Wandal, Fairy Bower, Berserker, Park Avenue, Koongal, Pink Lily, Lakes Creek, Frenchville, Kawana, Gracemere, Neirmbera, Nine Mile, Central Queensland University, Central Queensland, Mount Archer, Norman Gardens, Parkhurst, Kabra, Limestone Greek, Alton Downs, Glenlee, Nankin, Midgee, Mount Chalmers, Glendale, Ironpot, Tungamull, Rockyview, Stanwell, Cawarral, Bouldercombe, Sandringham, Dalma, Etan Creek, Thompson Point, Coowonga, Joskeleigh, Kalapa, Mulara, Keppel Sands, Ridgelannds, Coorooman, The Caves, South Yaamba, Bushley so give our Marshall Batteries a call, as we can assist you.

We are a Marshall Batteries stockists location with access to battery accessories including battery cables, battery terminals, tie downs, battery boxes, battery chargers, plus the legendary Marshall Battery Range also offering specialist local know how.

Marshall Batteries Rockhampton is also a Battery Collection centre. Bring your used lead acid battery to this location for safe and responsible recycling. Environmental stewardship and recycling is a major focus in all Marshall operations Marshall Batteries manufactures new batteries which are 98% recyclable and 85% comprised of previously recycled materials, so help us support our environment and Re-cycle Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULAB) wherever you see the Battery Re-cycle sign, right across the country.

Marshall Batteries provides a free extended battery warranty that covers you right across Australia, roadside day or night, for peace of mind.

Whether you come to us or you require ROADSIDE assistance you are covered 24 hour 7 days if you “Holler for Marshall Batteries” in the Rockhampton and sounding regions or visit us at our Battery Store at 114 Glenmore Rd. (Corner Main Street), Park Avenue QLD 4701

FAQs on Marshall Batteries Rockhampton

What hours is Marshall Batteries Rockhampton open?

Marshall Batteries Rockhampton is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays, and from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on weekend days. For assistance after hours, call 1300 695 717 and we’ll arrange urgent roadside assistance for you

Can Marshall Batteries Rockhampton deliver batteries?

Yes — holler for a Marshall on 1300 695 717 and we’ll come to you with a new battery and a complimentary quote, fit and install. You’ll be hitting the road in no time and without breaking the bank.

What areas does Marshall Batteries Rockhampton service?

Marshall Batteries Rockhampton supplies Marshall Batteries products to the wider Rockhampton area, including:

  • Allenstown
  • The Range
  • Rockhampton
  • Rockhampton Hospital
  • Red Hill Rockhampton
  • Port Curtis
  • Depot Hill
  • West Rockhampton
  • The Common
  • Wandal
  • Fairy Bower
  • Berserker
  • Park Avenue
  • Koongal
  • Pink Lily
  • Lakes Creek
  • Frenchville
  • Kawana
  • Gracemere
  • Neirmbera
  • Nine Mile
  • Central Queensland University
  • Central Queensland
  • Mount Archer
  • Norman Gardens
  • Parkhurst
  • Kabra
  • Limestone Greek
  • Alton Downs
  • Glenlee
  • Nankin
  • Midgee
  • Mount Chalmers
  • Glendale
  • Ironpot
  • Tungamull
  • Rockyview
  • Stanwell
  • Cawarral
  • Bouldercombe
  • Sandringham
  • Dalma
  • Etan Creek
  • Thompson Point
  • Coowonga
  • Joskeleigh
  • Kalapa
  • Mulara
  • Keppel Sands
  • Ridgelannds 
  • Coorooman
  • The Caves
  • South Yaamba
  • Bushley
Can I recycle my car battery at Marshall Batteries Rockhampton?

Yes. Marshall Batteries is proud to be doing our bit for the environment and sustainability by recycling old lead acid batteries. All of our stores are battery collection centres, meaning you can drop your old batteries off and we will safely and responsibly recycle them for you.

What battery range does Marshall Batteries Rockhampton sell?

Our Rockhampton location exclusively stocks the full Marshall Batteries range, including 4WD and truck batteries, motorcycle and scooter batteries, marine and camping batteries, and more.

Where can I get a car battery in Rockhampton?

For the best service and high quality batteries supported by an automatically extended warranty, visit Marshall Batteries Rockhampton at 114 Glenmore Road, corner of Main Street, Park Avenue.

How much is the callout fee for roadside assistance in Rockhampton?

There’s no need for roadside assistance to be hugely expensive or require cumbersome memberships. Holler for a marshall on 1300 695 717 for a free quote based on your area and vehicle.

Does Marshall Batteries Rockhampton provide a warranty for batteries?

Does Marshall Batteries Rockhampton provide a warranty for batteries?

Absolutely — all Marshall Batteries come with a full extended warranty of up to 42 months, depending on the battery.