The Worst Times for a Breakdown 

car break down

A break down can occur for a number of reasons. Your car battery is old, you’ve got a flat tyre and already used the spare, your car’s ignition isn’t turning over. Regardless of why, all reasons leave you in the same place. Checking your watch and wondering where you went wrong. If you’re unfortunate enough to break down in one of these situations, remember this article. 

And remember help is just a holler away.

Big Work Meeting

You’ve spent hours rehearsing interview answers in SMART format. You’ve used body wash for the first time in a week and ironed all the creases from your shirt. After leaving the house with 30 minutes to spare and making yourself a double espresso, you climb into the drivers seat feeling confident. Actually. More than confident. You’re picturing yourself as CEO. You imagine yourself addressing the company years down the track… “that day was the day everything changed” you say in your imagination as you flick on your indicator.

Alas, it was not. As you pull out onto the highway you hear a loud bang. Your car shudders to the left. You slam the breaks and pull over. Your double shot espresso spills all over your lap. You thank your lucky stars that this break down didn’t happen in heavy traffic.

You realise you never replaced your spare tyre…ugh! You’re stuck on the highway for hours staring at all the new found creases in your shirt. Surely the roadside assistance you pay so much for will come soon… hmm… takes an eternity! Should’ve called Marshall.

On route to a music festival

It’s a hot summers day. The car’s weighed down with camping gear and three of your friends are squished in amongst the sleeping bags, food and flower crowns. Spirits are running high. You see a nice place to take a short break to stretch legs. You’re only parked for half an hour but when you turn the key in the ignition nothing happens. 

Spirits are suddenly running low. Nobody likes a break down. 

You remember you haven’t replaced the battery in a few years. Everyone settles in and consults the setlist as the hours tick by. If only there was somebody you could call!

The Short Cut That Wasn’t

You’re on a family vacation.The kids are in the back seat taking a nap as you make the long drive to your destination. Everything is going according to plan. In fact, you’re running ahead of time. Along the way you vaguely remember a small country road you think could be a little more scenic than the highway. Actually, from memory it cuts off 30 minutes. You see the turn off and glance over at your better half. They’re asleep. Flicking on your indicator you grin to yourself as you take the exit. Your GPS keeps telling you to turn around, but heck, what does modern technology know? You keep driving, and driving and driving. The red flicker of your fuel light backs up your GPS. Actually, technology does know a lot. You’ve made a big mistake. Finally the needle dips dangerously low and your car comes to a halt. The kids ask ‘ARE WE THERE YET?!’, you’re better half wakes up, you’re hours from fuel.. who do you call in the event of a break down like this?

If you’ve ever found yourself in a sticky situation like this, you know a little bit of help goes a long way.

Call Marshall Batteries for roadside assistance, a jump start, a new battery or even a fuel top up! 1300 627 742 www.marshallbatteries.com.au
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