The 4 Best Drives in Australia For An Epic Road Trip

These four best drives in Australia will take you from one end of the country to the other. If you’re looking to explore the nooks and crannies of our vast country, add these epic road trips to your list.

It’s said there’s no place like home, but when your home is in Australia, there really is no place like home. As Australia’s most trusted roadside assistance provider, we’ve had the pleasure of exploring some of the most spectacular drives our country has to offer.

Whether you’ve only got the weekend to play with or you have a few weeks on your hands, we’ve searched high and low to find these top four best drives our great country has to offer!


Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Twelve Apostles stand along the Great Ocean Road

The famous Twelve Apostles stand along the Great Ocean Road. Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons.

Where: Located on the aptly named Shipwreck Coast, Port Campbell National Park is just a hop, skip and jump from Melbourne along the famous Great Ocean Road.

Highlights: There’s a reason – several reasons actually – that this drive is so famous and is one of the best drives in Australia – and the world: beautiful coastal scenery, a rainforest or two and restaurants fit to satisfy the most stubborn foodie.

This road trip has something for everyone. The popular Twelve Apostles are well worth the drive time, even more so when the majority of that drive is along beautiful coastal scenery.

Duration: Depending on how long you want to spend away, the Great Ocean Road can be done in a day if you rush it or spread out over a number of days or weeks by staying at some of the beautiful beach towns along the way. Plan your trip here.

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Grand Pacific Drive, New South Wales

Beach and sun view on Seacliff Bridge Grand Pacific Drive

The Seacliff Bridge along the Grand Pacific Drive. Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons.

Where: Less than an hour from Sydney’s CBD, the Grand Pacific Drive is a 140 kilometer coastal journey that stays close to the shore all the way up to Shoalhaven.

Highlights: Beginning with the breathtaking coastal and forest views of Royal National Park, the drive includes the dramatic Sea Cliff Bridge and the blowholes at Kiama, which also boasts one of the whitest sand beaches in the world.

The Royal National Park is worth a visit by itself, with the best vantage points to see whales during their annual migration, as well as great places to camp!

There are many things to explore along the way, including food and wine, camping, natural wonders and some of the best beaches in Australia. Intrigued? Find out more here.

Duration: A round-trip adventure along the Grand Pacific Drive is about 380 kilometres long. Taking into account breaks and time to explore cool places, it might take you around 6 hours of driving time, give or take!

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The Nullarbor Plain, Western Australia

Road and desert at Nullarbor Plain

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons.

Where: The Eyre Highway is your gateway to the Nullarbor and will take you across Western Australia and into South Australia. You can start from Adelaide or Perth and drive either west to east or east to west along the scenic Eyre Highway.

Highlights: The drive from the sandy white beaches of South Australia to the Ceduna to Perth is a beautiful span of the Nullabor. Its wild, almost treeless beauty is unique to Australia and is littered with exciting natural wonders to explore.

Climb the scenic granite hills of the Fraser Range and take a look at the plentiful wildlife, including camels and wedge-tailed eagles. If you’re planning on leaving the highway, a four-wheel drive is definitely recommended, but otherwise, the drive is pretty cruisy.

Don’t forget to pack plenty of water and check your battery to see if it needs replacement. Plan your itinerary and get on the road!

Duration: If you have a few days and plenty of fuel to explore 2000 km of untouched wilderness, then this is one of the best drives in Australia – and possibly the most iconic – that you could tackle!


Kangeroo Island, South Australia

The roos of Kangaroo Island

The roos of Kangaroo Island! Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons.

Where: A 14 kilometre hop from the South Australian coast, which is about 120 kilometres to the southwest of Adelaide.

Highlights: Australian wilderness and wildlife meet artisan food and wineries on beautiful Kangaroo Island. Uncrowded surf breaks are in abundance and it’s not unusual to have the entire beach to yourself, except for a few penguins or fur seals!

Equally as famous for its wind-sculpted ‘Remarkable Rocks’ and vast open caves, there’s enough adventure on this island to last a lifetime. Plan your trip here.

Duration: Take your own vehicle on the SeaLink ferry from Cape Jarvis, which is a two-hour drive from Adelaide, or hire a car on the island itself and let yourself get lost in all 1600 km of road.

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Happy roadtripping!

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