5 Of The Best Australian Travel Blogs Worth Reading

Australian travel blogs are the ultimate source of FOMO. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the daily nine-to-five grind that we forget the world is our oyster. A diverse, natural and ever-changing oyster- hold the dipping sauce!

At Marshall Batteries, we love the great outdoors, just like you do! For over 75 years, we’ve been powering Aussie adventures through our reliable batteries and our roadside assistance service available across the country.

Not only do we blog about useful battery-related content like how to read a car battery label, why has my car broken down? And how long should a car battery last? We also talk about travel. You’ll find posts about the best off-road vehicle drives, Australian national park escapes and many more.

We wanted to round up five of our favourite travel blogs based in Australia so you, too, can get more authentic info and tips on travelling.

Here are the top 5 travel blogs we recommend:


1. Cape Coconut

Our personal favorite. After already travelling 23 countries, Cape Coconut are zooming around Aus in a Marshall Batteries’ powered camper van. Visually pleasing, their blog is full of stunning photography, videos and road trip ideas to make you fall in love with Australia’s landscape all over again.

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2. Bushwalking Blog

This blog is, you guessed it, all about bushwalking. Neil is a self-appointed ‘bearded man and hiking enthusiast’ and his website is a detailed information station for all the trails (listed by distance, area, and difficulty), gear advice and ‘how to’ posts needed to launch your camping sack first into the great outdoors.

Whether you’re an adventurous hiker or a laid-back ambler, Neil’s fantastic shots of Australian landscapes are guaranteed to make you start packing the car immediately.

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HOT OR NOT is “Melbourne’s biggest family travel blog” with over 1000 personally curated reviews and insider tips to make family travelling simpler and easier. This family of delightful travellers will be your go-to source for exploring Melbourne, Regional Victoria, and beyond with your loved ones.

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4. Australian Traveller

Crowned the ‘best-selling travel magazine in Australia’, Australian Traveller features comprehensive travel guides, must-see locations and inspirational stories from all over the country.

Our favourite guides from Australian Traveller include Australia’s iconic road trips and the guide to the biggest mistakes to avoid on an outback road trip.

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5. Curious Campers Blog

The two Curious Campers, Natalie and Steve, are among the best Australian travel blogs for caravan and campervan adventures. They’ve been exploring Australia for over a decade, so you’ll get firsthand experience on a variety of destinations and experiences ranging from Australian road trips to wildlife encounters deets on the best campsites.

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Ready To Hit The Road?

We hope these travel blogs will inspire you to explore the great Aussie outdoors. If you’re planning an off-road adventure, check out our expert resources for off-road driving here.

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And, if you ever run into any trouble on the road, Marshall’s reliable, pay-to-use roadside assistance service will come to your rescue. So you can start and finish your journey with peace of mind.


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