What to do if you break down on a major freeway

It’s a driver’s worst nightmare, a break down on a major freeway. Surrounded by traffic on a busy highway, your car starts to play up… and slow down. So how you react in way that saves your vehicle, yourself and the lives of those around you?

Here are some quick tips to get you out of danger and on the road again, or even avoid ever having to face the problem in the event of a break down.

Breakdown on a motorway

Prevention is Key: You know the drill: Oil coolant and washer fluids topped up, tyres inflated to the right level. Vehicle regularly serviced and checked by a knowledgeable professional. A well-oiled machine is the best to way to avoid accidents, and save yourself from a very stressful situation.

Be Prepared: You may feel a little over-prepared carrying a potential break down kit in your glove box, but trust us, you will be glad of the equipment when you have a breakdown – and there’s every chance you will! Especially when you’re on the side of a busy highway and cars are flying past. Always keep a high-visibility vest, waterproof clothing and fully charged phone in your car. You can pick up a high-visibility vest cheaply and we don’t have to tell you twice that a phone is necessary gadgetry that will get you out of many difficult situations.

Have a Game Plan: Experiencing slight turbulence? If your car feels even slightly off, it pays to pull over at the next rest stop or petrol station you see at the first sign of automotive troubles before you break down. If these troubles are too pressing, Practical Motoring suggests that pulling over to the hard shoulder and parking as far left as possible if your next best bet.

Call for help: Don’t forget to holler! Our professionals have handled this stressful situation many times and are here to help rain hail or shine. If you ignored step two and don’t have a mobile on you, remember that there are emergency phones located along the highway that go directly to operators who know your position. Easy!

Exercise Caution: If you have to leave the vehicle, remember that you’re on the side of a busy motorway! Wherever possible leave the vehicle from the left hand side, even if it involves some uncomfortable crawling. If walking, don’t forget to make use of any barriers to move up the embankment.

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