Best Motorcycle Rides in Australia For An Epic Motorbike Trip

Riding your motorbike anywhere feels like an escape from reality. But when you have a truly spectacular road, it becomes something else. Experience the ultimate motorbike journey in Australia, where you can ride, glide, and conquer some of the most thrilling rides.

At Marshall Batteries, we’ve been powering Aussie adventures through our premium motorcycle battery options, as well as our roadside assistance service that’s available across Australia.

Here is our pick of the best motorcycle rides in Australia for an epic motorbike trip.

Oxley Highway, New South Wales

Oxley Highway

The beautiful Oxley Highway. Photo courtesy: NSW Government.

With 165km of spectacular road and over 300 corners, the Oxley Highway tops the list of our best motorbike rides in Australia.

Starting in Port Macquarie, the road winds through the mountains and crosses the Great Divide. It becomes flat when you leave the forest and enter the open New England plateau.

There’s a service station halfway along the road to refuel and some challenging curves to keep things interesting! Just make sure you’ve recently had your battery checked, and you’re good to go! If you’re not sure, check out the guide below.

Motorbike Battery Replacement In Australia- How To Check If You Need A Replacement.

Gorge Rd, Adelaide Hills, South Australia

The ranges climbing inland from Adelaide offer spectacular scenery and sweeping panoramic views.

However, to warn you – they are not for the faint-hearted. Near Strathalbyn and Macclesfield, there are awesome riding areas with challenging bends that will keep experienced riders alert.

Feel free to stop at the world-famous vineyards along the way. However, we recommend you choose coffee over wine. You’ll need your wits about you to handle those corners like a pro!

If you happen to need motorbike battery replacement along Gorge Rd, contact the local battery expert, Mount Barker Oil & Battery, by calling 1300 465 537.

Anywhere in Tasmania

Gordon River in Strahan, Tasmania

The majestic Gordon River in Strahan, Tasmania. Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons.

If you haven’t been on a motorbike trip in Tasmania, can you even call yourself a motorbike rider? Tasmania is legendary for it’s overwhelming beauty and roads to suit riders of all experience levels.

You can ride from Strahan to Queenstown. Along the way, you will see the high Hellyer Gorge. Another option is to ride from Waratah to Savage River or Derwent Bridge.

Just jump on the first road you see and keep going. Wherever you end up, rest assured you’re riding the best roads in Australia on the motorbike trip of a lifetime.

Balingup to Nannup, WA

Blackwood River Tourist Drive

The serene Blackwood River Tourist Drive. Photo courtesy: Tourism Western Australia.

We promise we’re not making up the names of these two towns! Running alongside the Blackwood River, the stretch between Balingup and Nannup contains enough variation in terrain and unforgiving drop offs to keep your adrenaline at an all time high.

Expect enough tight turns and swiftly changing surfaces to test your concentration. At the end of your ride drop down into Margaret River wine country for lunch before heading home. You deserve it!

Wrap-Up: Key Points On The Best Motorcycle Rides in Australia

  • Oxley Highway in New South Wales has 165 km of spectacular road with over 300 corners.
  • Gorge Rd in Adelaide Hills is a challenging ride for experienced riders, with plenty of curves to keep things interesting.
  • Tasmania is legendary for its beauty and roads that suit any experience level – explore anywhere you like!
  • Balingup and Nannup offer tight turns, swiftly changing surfaces and steep drops alongside the Blackwood River – reward yourself with a lunch at Margaret River wine country at the end!

Make sure your bike’s in top condition before setting out. If your battery needs replacing, you can find it in our high-quality motorbike battery collection. Holler for a Marshall at 1300 627 742 if you need help on the road, and we can help you get back on your motorbike with our services, which include motorbike jump starts, new batteries, or fuel.



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