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New Stowaway Leisure Cycle Range

Exide have launched a new range of cycling batteries specifically for the Camping, Caravan and Leisure markets.

Our new Stowaway Leisure Cycle range have many unique features for the modern outdoor lifestyle.  Maybe your looking to power your fridge, shower or other electrical systems?  Well you can rely on Stowaway Leisure Cycle for optimum performance.

The ranges features include:

  • AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) Technology – offering excellent cycling for long hours
  • Spill & Leek Proof Casing – For horizontal and vertical operation
  • Excellent Deep Cycle ability – Designed purely for Deep Cycle use with industrial design.
  • Dual Post – SAE and Studded post for ease of wiring equipment
  • Maintenance Free Technology – Spill proof and hassle free
To view our complete range of batteries designed for cycling and starting applications for Camping, Caravan and Leisure applications please browse our website or contact us.
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