Mazda Battery Replacement

Australia-Wide Mazda Battery Replacement

The battery is your Mazda’s main source of starting power and if it’s dead or otherwise in need of replacement, you may not be able to start your car or you could be at risk of a breakdown while on the road. Fortunately, it couldn’t be easier to find a new car battery for your Mazda vehicle.
Here, we’ll answer every question you have about Mazda car battery replacements and help you find the right car battery for your Mazda.

FAQs on Mazda Battery Replacement

How to tell if it's time for a new Madza car battery

Car batteries, including for Mazda cars, often need replacing every two to five years. In most cases, it’ll be closer to five, but if your battery isn’t treated well or if you’re driving a second-hand Mazda, a replacement may be needed sooner than you expect.

Here are a few signs you might need a new car battery for your Mazda:

  • Your car doesn’t start, is very slow to start, or sounds like it’s struggling to start.
  • Your headlights are unusually dim.
    The battery warning light in your Mazda dashboard is lit while driving.
  • On-board electronics like your radio, AC or motorised windows are struggling.
  • The battery in your Mazda looks in bad shape (eg. corroded terminals, leaked fluid, sulfuric smell).

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How to replace your Mazda car battery

Replacing a Mazda car battery may seem easy to do yourself, but nowadays vehicle systems are complex and memory minders and other technology are important. We recommend you Holler for a Marshall, call 1300 627 742 and you can ask your local Marshall Batteries Technician to test and expertly install it for you. It is the best value; they do all the right checks and it comes with a nationwide extended warranty.  When you buy from a Marshall Batteries store, or get roadside assistance, or mobile battery replacement for your Mazda, we’ll expertly fit your new battery for you and take the old one away for recycling to save you the stress.

If you’d like to replace your Mazda car battery yourself, follow these simple steps:

  1. Inspect the negative and positive terminals and note their positions so you can install the new battery in the correct orientation.
  2. Disconnect the negative (-) terminal first, then the positive (+) terminal.
  3. Remove the battery hold-down clamp.
  4. Lift out the old battery carefully. Try not to shake or tilt it a lot, especially if it shows signs of damage. Avoid touching the terminals.
  5. Place your new battery in the empty space, then affix the hold-down clamp.
  6. Remove the terminal caps and fasten the terminal connections onto the new battery one at a time, starting with the positive (+) terminal first.
  7. Carefully nudge the battery without touching the terminals to ensure it is securely in place, and the terminal cables are properly attached.
How much does a Mazda replacement car battery cost?

A new car battery for your Mazda can vary significantly in price depending on the model and requirements of your specific Mazda model. Many new car batteries start at around $150, but this can go up to $400+ for more premium or specialist batteries.

If you’re receiving roadside assistance or having your car replaced by a technician, we may identify the need to replace your terminal clamps (if they are significantly corroded/damaged). This can cost extra.

What kind of battery do I need for Mazda i-stop cars?

Mazda i-stop is a proprietary technology by Mazda that is generically referred to as idle stop-start (ISS) or simply stop-start. This is a system that switches your car engine off while the car is idle or braked in order to save petrol and energy. The car then automatically restarts when you take your foot off the brake.

Mazda’s i-stop technology is designed to be barely perceptible, so if you aren’t a motorhead you may not have even known your car does this.

If your Mazda car uses i-stop technology, you’ll need a stop-start battery. This is because these systems, while more beneficial for the environment and your petrol costs, place much greater demands on the car battery. It needs to be constantly cycling and operating in a state of partial charge.

A standard starting battery is designed to release a short burst of energy to start the car, and then recharge over the course of a drive. But a stop-start battery is designed to deliver that short burst of starting energy, recharge over short distances, then do the same again every time you take your foot off the brake.

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What size replacement battery do I need for my Mazda car?

The size your Mazda vehicle needs depends on the specific model and when it was made. Some models change battery size and requirements year to year, so it’s important to know what year your car was made. An easy way to know what battery size is right for your Mazda, is to look at your existing battery and find a unit that matches.

You can also bring your old battery into a Marshall Batteries store for our recommendations or let a roadside technician select the best battery for you.

Mazda Batteries At Marshall

Below are just some of our recommendations for Mazda car batteries by model.

BT-50 Diesel (2015 and on)

CX-3 Petrol 2.0L (2015 and on)

CX-5 Petrol 2.0L, 2.5L (2012 and on)

CX-7 (2006-2012)

CX-7 Diesel (2006-2012)

CX-9 (2007 and on)

Mazda 2 (2010 and on)

Mazda 3 (2003 and on)

Mazda 6 (2002-2012)

Premacy (2001 and on)

RX8 (2003 and on)

Is your Mazda missing from this list? We have you covered – Marshall Batteries has the batteries for your Mazda.

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