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Car features we left behind with the ‘80s

Advancements in cars are driving along at an alarming rate. Though old cars may hold a certain nostalgic charm, there are some features we left behind with the 80’s of which we can all agree, are better off staying there. The Ashtray  Through the 1950’s – 1980’s smoking was considered normal – even cool. Consequently,.

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Victoria’s Best BBQ Spots

Ahh, holidays. More daylight hours. More sunshine. More family – and perhaps the greatest gift of all – more BBQ’s! Whether you’re with family or friends, looking for mountains or beaches, meat-eaters or vegetarians – we’ve listed the best BBQ spots in Victoria, so pack up the car and enjoy one of the oldest Australian.

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Caravan Tips for a Great Summer Trip

It’s nearly summer – which means holiday time! If you’re planning on heading out on the open road with your caravan in tow, we suggest taking these great tips with you. From loading and hitching, to parking and safe driving techniques Marshall Batteries has got you covered for everything you need to know about travelling.

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Car Hacks to Get Your Car Festival Ready

Festival season is here! With it comes long summer days, sweet live tunes and good times! Whether you’re heading to Falls Festival, Meredith or just a low-key bush-doof, we have the best car hacks for festivals to make sure your vehicle is as festival ready as you are! Pack Light Pack Right. 
There are many.

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The Nicest Australian Spring Drives

Spring is finally here! As the sun pokes its head out from behind the clouds and the cold weather starts to thaw, it’s time to wake up and leave the couch. What better way to celebrate the change of weather and blossoming wildlife than to pack up the car and take a drive! Regardless of.

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Spring Cleaning Tips to Get Your Car Sparkling!

  Spring is in the air. With the increased sunshine comes the call to clean up everything in your life – including your car. Our best spring car cleaning tips will help you spruce up your vehicle so you can fully enjoy the best outdoor adventures the season has to offer. From the Inside Out.

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What’s Not to Love About a Classic?

Modern cars are quicker, more efficient and cheaper to run. But there’s nothing quite like the feeling of being in something from a time when cars were made with love. Designed by hand, produced as a rarity and unencumbered by modern standards, the classic car is something that was built to last both on the.

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Car Essentials So You’re Ready for Anything

People keep a number of useless things in their car. Empty water bottles, old fast food bags, golf clubs they only use once every two months. From long journeys to the everyday commute, accidents can happen along any stretch of road and it certainly pays to have some car essentials on hand when things get.

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