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The Great Battery Round Up

November boasts ‘national recycling week’ and to help play our part Marshall Batteries promotes the same disposal and recycling of ‘Used Lead Acid Batteries’ (ULAB’s).

When you ‘Holler for a Marshall’ and trade in your old car battery, Marshall will give you $30 off the price of a replacement battery and ensure your battery is safely recycled – terms and condition apply*

If you’re just looking for the safest way to dispose of your ULAB – that’s OK too, give us a call and we can provide you with the location of your nearest Marshall Battery Collection Centre or arrange to ‘come to you’ and pick it up.

Marshall Batteries conscientiously applies a comprehensive business approach called Total Battery Management™ (TBM), that plays a leading role in one of Australia and New Zealand’s most effective and successful recycling programs.

Every year our recycling plant produces approximately 96,000 metric tons of refined lead and lead alloys per annum. Marshall also is a significant recycler of plastic, capturing plastic from spent batteries and using it in the production of cases and covers for new batteries.

Marshall Batteries are 98% recyclable and 80% comprised of previously recycled materials, just another reason to Holler for a Marshall!

Help us protect the environment by recycling spent and used batteries and returning them to one of our Battery Collection Centres or call us to arrange the safe recycling of your spent battery

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