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Five Australian travel blogs worth reading

Australian travel blogs are the ultimate source of FOMO [fear of missing out!]. Sometimes we get so caught up in the daily nine-to-five grind that we forget the world is our oyster. A diverse, natural and ever changing oyster. Hold the dipping sauce.

But like any good cuisine, when you eat the same thing everyday it loses its appeal. These five Australian travel blogs remind us why Australia is one of its brightest pearls. From the obvious; the beautiful coastlines, dense rainforests, canyons, mountain ranges, artsy cities, stretching deserts to the small details; the roadside hotel room, the pie from a small town bakery. Whichever area of our vast country you’re in its easy to see why we’re known as ‘The Lucky Country’ by the rest of the world.

Satisfy every inch of your wanderlust and delve into these Australian travel blogs to see just what this land has on offer.

Cape Coconut

Our personal favorite. After already travelling 23 countries, Cape Coconut are zooming around Aus in a Marshall Batteries’ powered camper van. Visually pleasing, their blog is full of stunning photography, videos and road trip ideas to make you fall in love with Australia’s landscape all over again.

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Our Naked Australia: Going Bush Down Under

Juz and Dave are a couple from North Melbourne who decided to ditch their day jobs and hit the road for 12 months. Full of puns and quirky phrases Juz and Dave don’t hold back, giving refreshingly honest advice on the best and worst places to travel. Their blog contains tips for those on a budget, fun stories from the road and a slightly off sense of humor. Prepare to be entertained and see Australia in a whole new light.

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Bushwalking Blog

This blog is, you guessed it, all about bushwalking. Neil is a self-appointed ‘bearded man and hiking enthusiast’ and his website is a detailed information station for all the trails (listed by distance, area, and difficulty), gear advice and ‘how to’ posts needed to launch yourself camping sack first into the great outdoors.

Whether you’re an adventurous hiker or a laid back ambler, Neil’s fantastic shots of Australian landscapes are guaranteed to make you start packing the car immediately.

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Pre Traveller
If you get the same level of thrill from planning your journey as you do living it, then Anne’s blog is an absolute must-read. The website contains everything you need to prepare your journey, from travel planning templates, to road trip ideas, departure preparation and gear advice.

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Explore Australia

For those who live for that magic four letter word – free. Explore Australia is a camping and bushwalking blog with a great overview of activities, national parks, camp sites and places to eat and drink. Perfect for families on a budget or for those who simply love the outdoors.

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