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Five extreme sports you should try

Once upon a time extreme sport was simply a few people pioneering to do the unimaginable. Now, driven on by like-minded adventurers and made more accessible by wider media coverage these sports are available to everyone. Read on to find out about five wacky, out there and downright fun extreme sports and see which one you might like to try.


Extreme Sport #1 | Mountain Biking

For self-reliant people, who love to get outside and put their bodies and reflexes to the test.

This is a sport that you can literally do anywhere, from your own back yard to the Rocky Mountain Ranges in British Columbia. It’s broken down into multiple categories (cross country, trail riding, all mountain, downhill free ride and dirt jumping) all of which consist of aerial manoeuvres, steep down-hilling or a combination of the two.


Extreme Sport #2 | Sky Surfing

This sport is for you if you dare to be different and like mixing adrenaline with precision.

You heard right. Most likely taking it’s inspiration from Back to the Future as an attempt to finally hover-board, sky surfing is a type of skydiving in which the skydiver wears a board attached to their feet, surfing and flipping their way through the air. Skysurfing is not as easy as it looks – even the simplest technique is difficult for an experienced skydiver to master. But once you’ve got the hang of it, word has it that the feeling of surfing through the air is unbeatable.

Extreme Sport - snowboarding


Extreme Sport #3 | Snowboarding

For the “laid back” guy or girl, who loves baggy clothing and the opportunity to road trip to the slopes with a group of friends.

Though sounding relatively tame compared to sky surfing, snowboarding is a sport that anyone can try their hand (or more accurately, legs) at.  Invented in 1965 by an American engineer who attached two skis together, snowboarding has quickly taken off and is now a massively competitive sport with many different disciplines.


Extreme Sport #4 | Free-diving

For the adventurous person who likes to “get away from it all” and enjoy surreal experiences.

Leave behind the scuba gear (and the surface) as you dive for metres under the water in one breath. Free-diving relies solely on the diver’s ability, and while it sound impossible to go so deep and survive, there are actually many scientific factors that are at play to make it (relatively) safe. Free-diving has also become a competitive sport with the world record held at 214 metres without assistance.


Extreme Sport #5 | Mixed Climbing

For those who like pointing at steep, half-icy cliffs just to say “I climbed that”.

Mixed climbing is a combination of rock and ice climbing. Not for the faint-hearted, the sport uses crampons and ice tools to navigate precarious cliff faces. A relatively new sport on the block, achievements are ranked by the difficulty of the cliff. If you prefer warmer weather and something you can enjoy during summer, its direct cousin, plain old rock climbing will be enough to get you started.


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