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Australian Made for Australia

Marshall Batteries is proud to partner with Australian Made, to promote our range of Australian Made product.

Marshall Batteries is a part of one of the largest battery suppliers to vehicles manufacturers based in Australia, and this technology exchange enables us to remain at the forefront of meeting the needs of new vehicles and leading the after-market category. This in-turn, is supported by Exide Technologies global connections with vehicle manufacturers around the world to ensure the latest technologies are employed to power the vehicles of the future.

Exide Technologies and Marshall Batteries manufacturers product for transportation applications at our facility in Elizabeth, South Australia and has a battery recycling facility in Wellington, New Zealand.  Marshall Premium and Extreme products carry the Australian Made logo and we are delighted to parter with Australian Made, a brand synonymous with quality, resilience and all that is Australian. These ranges are designed and built in Australian specifically for Australian Conditions. Why are they so good? Take a look at our Interactive Battery Tour and judge for yourself.

So when your looking for a battery built tough to meet the needs of Australians, Choose Marshall Battteries and look for this symbol.

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